Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

Be future empowered

Start with the outcomes you want and work your way out.

Digital transformation is more than a slick new mobile app. It demands the hard work of designing for customer outcomes. Pega software gives you the power to truly transform.

"Digital transformation is like trying to take a clunky, old 747, while it’s flying, and turn it into the best, newest AT3 Airbus."

Revolutionize customer engagement

You’re on a mission to deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences. Guess what? So are your competitors. The real challenge is turning that vision into reality faster than they do.

Pega has a proven path.

You need an AI “brain” that can understand the outcomes you want – better retention, more share of wallet – and make real-time decisions at every customer touchpoint to achieve those outcomes and delight your customers in the process. Not one or the other. Both. Yes, you should start fast and prove value in key channels – like the Web. But you also need to look at what’s next. With a single AI brain, you can scale across all channels so customers get satisfaction every time, and you understand what makes them loyal.

Pega has proven AI technology – the Pega Customer Decision Hub – that is more than just a mirage. We process millions of data points in real-time. We’ve delivered billions of dollars in benefits. We can help you make CX vision into CX reality.

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Proven AI. Laser-focused on customer engagement.

Pega’s proven AI is helping global organizations revolutionize their customer engagement.

"That ability to disrupt, to set the terms for how other organizations have to compete – that is what it means to be future empowered."
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Automation to get work done

Pega’s proven AI is helping global organizations revolutionize their customer engagement.

Embrace the future of work

Digital transformation is about outcomes…for your customers, your employees, your business. Specifically, it’s about improving your customer experience and all the systems and processes that help you acquire and serve them. It’s about knocking down the obstacles that get in the way. Removing friction. That means automating, streamlining, and rethinking the way work gets done.

Robotic automation is a good way to get started and can get you some quick wins. But know this: robotic automation alone is not transformational. It simply automates work within a silo.

To go end-to-end, you have to think in terms of outcomes – and case management is your secret weapon. Cases are outcome driven. They get work done. They can manage the processes, people, and robots that must work together to deliver outcomes. The combination of case management and robotic automation is the answer.

The future of work means humans and technology working together. At new levels of efficiency. Delivering outcomes that matter for businesses – and their customers.

Become an agile enterprise

Want to disrupt markets? You’ve got to move fast. Want to move fast? You can run all the hackathons you want. You can build new innovation centers that look like startups. But if you don’t think differently about software, you will never be fast enough.

You’ve probably heard that every company is a software company. Old news. The question is, how do you empower every employee to use software? It starts with getting rid of code. Instead of coding apps, design them. Instead of sending requirements to IT, empower your business to build what they want using visual tools.

This model-driven approach is faster than code. And more accurate. And it gets everyone – businesspeople and IT – using software to transform your business. That’s digital thinking.

Embrace digital transformation

Software that writes your software

Pega's no-code platform lets you design apps with visual tools.

The T approach: A roadmap to transformation

Pega's no-code platform lets you design apps with visual tools.

Start from the middle and work your way out

Too often we see “digital transformations” starting in a channel – in a front end. A cool new mobile app. Or a chatbot. But that quick innovation soon becomes a new silo to manage. And your customer is still stuck with a disconnected experience…even if the screens are prettier.

Or we see them start from the bottom up with giant Master Data Management (MDM) or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) projects. We put everything on hold until we get our data just right. News flash! Your data is always going to be messy. And big, bottom-up projects don’t ever deliver fast enough.

What if you could start your digital transformation from the middle and work your way out?

Imagine a case or user process that could be automated. Extend that with Pega’s next best action decisioning to dynamically meet each customer’s needs. By starting with the outcomes you want to deliver and working out, you can radically transform the experience for your customers…end to end and front to back. You get value fast, and you’ve built for reuse across channels and into the future.

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