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Customer Engagement

Pega Customer Service

Pega Customer Service is a true digital omni-channel customer engagement solution that leverages AI to anticipate customer needs, manage complexity, and quickly connect customers to answers and outcomes that deliver an optimal customer experience. Stop by and see how Pega Customer Service combines the power of customer engagement and digital process automation across the entire end-to-end customer journey through self-service and AI-augmented live channels. Discover how we can help you make that contact center more efficient, as well as effective. See how robotic automation makes your contact center more productive, by automating repetitive low-value manual tasks.

Pega Field Service

Pega Field Service re-envisions field service operations from customer to field worker. This single application unifies an industry-leading customer service dashboard with innovative scheduling capabilities and a rich mobile offering – all atop the Pega platform that’s designed for ease of customization. Stop by and see how Pega Field Service can help your organization succeed – from effective troubleshooting and efficient scheduling to managing work in the field.

Pega Marketing

The Pega Marketing team will demonstrate how dynamic customer experiences are brought to life, using the world’s most cutting edge software suite. In this demo you’ll learn:

  • How our AI constantly re-evaluates each unique customer – searching for opportunities to engage with relevant messages and offers
  • How we use context to identify moments of need – reaching out with a personalized message, while that customer is actively-listening
  • How we orchestrate real-time interactions, cross-channel journeys, and location-based programs - using our always-on brain
  • How companies are using next-best-action to re-engineer engagement – growing customer value by 10x

Pega Sales Automation

Pega Sales Automation intelligently guides sales professionals and optimizes the sales process. Stop by and see how Pega Sales Automation leverages Artificial Intelligence in the selling process, improves average revenue per rep by optimizing sales engagement, and improves lead-to-cash cycle times. View demos on AI, guided selling, sales coach, CRM unification, mobile, outlook integration, workforce intelligence, robotics, and no-code to drive sales efficiencies and effectiveness.

Customer Decision Hub

The Pega Customer Decision Hub can help provide superior customer experiences by powering your customer engagement with trusted and pragmatic AI and decision management. This leads to great outcomes such as improving customer retention, increasing up-sell and cross-sell rates, intelligently guiding sales and other customer advocates, automatically averting costly errors, and reducing cost to service and risk. Business users have control of the decision strategies and complete transparency into AI/machine learning capabilities. See how the Hub leverages big data and real-time event processing to monitor customer behavior patterns, and then uses its advanced analytics and decision management to trigger next-best-actions. Pega’s Customer Decision Hub is fully unified with the Pega CRM Suite, including marketing, sales, and service applications and the Pega Platform, and is designed to be configured by business users so they have an “always on” brain that works seamlessly with any customer engagement channel to ensure you take the right action at the right time to optimize the customer experience.

Digital Process Automation

Administration, Operations, and Security

Want to know how we have made the Pega Platform easier than ever to deploy and operate large scale, high performance elastic systems? Have questions or want to learn about advanced security features of the platform? Stop by and hear about how new capabilities help you operate, secure, and scale the Pega platform.

Software That Scales Your Software

Learn how the Pega Platform makes it simple to implement highly performant and highly scalable applications that can meet the processing needs of the world's largest organizations.

DevOps and Testing

Learn how you can use the latest Pega DevOps and testing capabilities to rapidly develop, test, and deploy your applications. Build software faster than ever using our intuitive, model-driven development and testing capabilities. Then move that software rapidly and repeatedly to your customers. From writing rules and their accompanying unit/integration tests to hooking into a continuous delivery pipeline, our development capabilities and DevOps techniques will help you accelerate your Pega projects.

Data Management, APIs, and Integration

Learn how the Pega Platform simplifies all aspects of data management - from modeling and integration to testing and error handling - while delivering a uniquely powerful experience that will transform the way you think about data. Experience how to connect your Pega apps to cutting edge APIs or legacy systems and data stores using open standards-based protocols.  


Pega makes it easy to increase customer and employee mobile engagement through a sustainable and scalable UX design that moves at the speed of technology.  Pega mobile apps provide the optimal user experience while ensuring consistency across all channels of engagement.

Rapid App Authoring

Learn how Pega’s rapid app dev platform allows you to rapidly deliver innovative apps faster than traditional approaches. See how business and IT collaborate in realtime, using visual models, Agile methodology, and one-click DevOps to build apps that scale and look beautiful across all channels and devices.

Front-End Development

Learn how to build any complex UX design in Pega and some of the best practices around front-end development. We will also expose some of the new features added to the Pega platform around the skin ruleform, theming / styling your application and share examples from the UI Gallery.

User Interface

A world-class user experience is no longer just a nice-to-have, it is an essential facet of any successful enterprise digital strategy. In today’s digital universe, customer adoption and retention is very closely tied to user experience. The flexible and powerful UX features in the Pega platform enable you to rapidly build and deliver a unified experience across channels and devices. Demos built using the UI capabilities of the Pega Platform will show you a new world of UX possibilities.

UX Design

The Pega Design System delivers massive business value, allowing teams to produce better products faster and less expensively. Meet the Pega Product Design team responsible for the design, usability and experience of Pega's best-in-class applications, and the Pega platform itself, and learn how you can harness the Pega Design System to maintain UX superiority in your CoE layer and throughout your enterprise.

Case Management

Drive your business outcomes using Pega’s leading case management capabilities. Building case management applications with Case Designer, Pega Social, Realtime Agile, Survey and more, has never been easier.

Virtual Assistants

Learn how Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant eliminates channel silos by extending a conversational user experience to any Pega application. Discover how you can leverage the Pega platform to turn any voice or text-based channel (from text, to Facebook Messenger, to email) into an AI-powered virtual assistant that delivers personalized, contextual engagement. Whether it’s providing self-service or preemptive service, see how our intelligent bots make employees more productive and customers more loyal. 

Robotic Automation

Use Pega Robotic Automation to create robots to automate repetitive tasks within your contact center and back-office environments. Robotic Automation wraps around your enterprise applications’ user interfaces to run automations that improve productivity and efficiency. Robots can fully automate business processes or assist humans with their work. Stop by for a demonstration and see how robots can jumpstart your digital transformation efforts.

Dashboards and Reporting

Data-driven decision making is critical to every level of the enterprise. Visualization plays a key role in distilling what is important so that you can make better informed decisions. Creating and maintaining meaningful and engaging charts and reports remains a major challenge while trying to keep up with a rapidly evolving business. Come see a sneak preview of Pega's innovation in data visualization and find out how your business data can be engaging and actionable through stunning reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Also see advancements being made in our next-generation of reporting capabilities.

Workforce Intelligence

Pega Workforce Intelligence captures the actionable insights that unlock the full potential of your organization’s people, processes, and technology. Application wait times? Process bottlenecks? Digital distractions? By applying AI on the desktop, you can understand a day in the life of your employee including how and when work is done and identify opportunities to optimize production work and overall efficiency. Stop by to learn more and experience, in realtime, how the technology works!

Communications and Media

Pega Marketing for Communications

Pega Marketing for Communications has transformed acquisition, retention, and sales at many of the world's largest telecommunications companies. It uses AI, big data, and individual customer data to: 

  • Determine the right offers and communications at all points in the customer lifecycle
  • Build personalized offers and bundles
  • Manage personalized conversations across inbound, outbound, digital, and paid channels
  • Provide a robust and guided user experience through interactive channels

Pega Sales Automation and CPQ for Communications

Pega’s integrated Sales Automation, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), marketing and order management solution, provides complete lead-to-cash functionality including AI capability to suggest best offers, guided user experience, and dynamic pricing. The solution is supported by product catalog to define products, bundles, and offers, configuration options, and pricing making it suitable for both simple and complex products.

Pega Customer Service for Communications

Pega Customer Service for Communications maximizes self-service and guides users through every service interaction, automatically adapting service delivery to the channel or device. Deliver consistent and continuous customer interactions that improve customer experience, reduce costs, and build business agility.

Financial Services

Client Lifecycle Management: Onboarding and KYC

Accelerate global customer onboarding and know your customer by as much as 70% using Pega’s AI-driven Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Know Your Customer (KYC) applications. Pega CLM allows financial institutions to globally orchestrate complex front to back-office functions, from onboarding through to compliance, credit, legal, operations, fulfillment, and off-boarding, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Pega KYC provides the ability to manage complex global regulatory requirements by only applying “what’s required, when required” with pre-configured and customizable major global regulatory requirements covering over 50 jurisdictions including AML, FATCA/CRS, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and EMIR rules that are kept up-to-date by industry leading experts. Reduce customer outreach and duplication of tasks with Pega’s global one view of the customer while maintaining data privacy across lines of business and jurisdictions. Pega's CLM/KYC application provides a unified architecture that includes Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Decision Management, and a “no coding” solution that reduces time-to-market.


Pega Marketing for Financial Services delivers always-on marketing in real-time with consistent, next-best-actions across all delivery channels. See how financial institutions have increased lifetime value throughout all phases of the customer journey with this rapid-delivery solution. Marketers are empowered to deliver personalized customer engagement using built-in artificial intelligence at the moment of truth.

Sales Automation / Loan Origination

Power your sales organization with Pega’s market-leading combination of artificial intelligence, credit risk, and guided sales processing.  Pega Sales Automation for Financial Services and Credit Decision Hub provide a unique way to manage your portfolio, build pipeline, and grow revenue while remaining within your risk appetite. Sales analytics and AI models rank leads and surface opportunities that have the highest probability of success - proactively suggesting personalized offers and actions. Pega merges this in a single platform with a credit risk offering which combines flexible risk processes with risk analytics, learning, and decisioning for a comprehensive method to maximize your sales results.

Customer Service

Discover how Pega Customer Service for Financial Services and our industry best practices for retail, wealth, and commercial banking can accelerate your service or complaints management  transformation and guide your service teams to provide exceptional, personalized experiences. Learn how Pega AI, NLP and Customer Decision Hub can revolutionize customer engagement by anticipating customer needs and recommend next-best-actions and offers in real-time. Appreciate how our omnichannel capabilities allow you to connect with clients and deliver consistent support across traditional channels like branch, contact center, and web (via self-service and co-browse), as well as new channels like social, live chat, email, and intelligent virtual assistants. Find out how robotic automation can simplify and automate the employee experience so that service teams can deliver more efficient and proactive customer service. 

Smart Dispute

Break down channel silos to deliver frictionless consumer disputes and fraud claims with Smart Dispute for Issuers. New mobility options eliminate calls and reduce time-to-resolution when banks meet their customers on their favorite device. Prebuilt network rules for Visa VCR and MasterCard, as well as out-of-the-box integration for third party offerings, reduce time-to-market, improve automation, and drive optimal outcomes.


Extend your service excellence experience into your collections environment to deliver improved cash collected and protect and help vulnerable customers in a customer-focused, self-service enabled, and compliant environment. Discover how innovative and intuitive business tools deliver continuous improvement to your collections strategies.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Proactive Consumer Engagement with Customer Service for Healthcare

Today’s members are savvy consumers with high expectations and varied communication preferences for their interaction experience. Come see how Pega’s latest Healthcare CRM solution, powered by Customer Decision Hub, drives proactive member and provider engagement across multiple channels to deliver that next-level concierge service experience.

Patient Relationship Management for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Today’s patients demand service and advice along their health journey. You can better manage your patient's journeys by leveraging a unified CRM and care management platform. Deliver a “mass concierge” experience transforming care delivery with real-time operational agility. Explore how programs and practices can be dynamically tailored in real-time for both clinical and social determinants of health.

Model-Driven Claims Adjudication

See how Pega’s Product Composer System (PCS) allows clients to quickly bring competitive products to market, support operations, and make the delivery of those products more efficient. Pega’s Smart Claims Engine (SCE) is our model-driven adjudication platform, enabling you to create transparent claims processing. Experience how Product Composer System and the Smart Claims Engine can transform your capabilities for back office claims administration and product development and delivery, to enable you to sell products with retail appeal at the speed of retail transformation. 

End-to-End Group Sales Leveraging the Product Catalog

See how Pega’s Sales Automation for Healthcare application, integrated with the Product Composer System, brings forth the synergies of comprehensive plan benefit portfolio management with end-to-end group sales processes.

Digital Transformation for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The world’s largest healthcare and life sciences companies depend on the Pega platform to solve their most complex challenges. The Pega Platform lets you rapidly transform your business with the industry’s leading no-code digital process automation software. Visit the HCLS Digital Transformation booth to learn more about solutions for appeals and grievances, pharmacovigilance and device safety, lab automation, site initiation, and risk-based monitoring for clinical trials.


Pega Underwriting for Insurance

Pega Underwriting helps carriers improve underwriter effectiveness by automating processes and using knowledge sharing to optimize risk selection and ensure compliance with guidelines. Pega Underwriting supports Commercial lines, Personal lines, Group Benefits, and Individual Life submissions.
Join us for a demo and see how you can leverage analytics to maximize profitable growth and help every underwriter execute well.

Sales Automation for Insurance

Sales Automation for Insurance (SAI) is designed to support the insurance sales professional, both the captive agent and the independent agent/broker, as well as provide insight to the front office staff and management that supports them. Stop by the booth and see how SAI provides artificial intelligence to proactively help agents drive business and integrates to tools that agents have come to know, such as Outlook and LinkedIn. Leveraging Pega’s ability to seamlessly connect environments, SAI provides agents the tool they need to collaborate with underwriters, manage their accounts, and drive new leads from first touch to closed with insight-based guidance. Additionally, channel management within the insurer has complete visibility into agent production and can quickly and easily update products, sales processes, and requirements. The insurer has access to tools to not only manage their agents and books of business, but also provide sales coaching to optimize production.

Customer Service for Insurance

Customer Service for Insurance re-invents how insurance companies lead the market in customer satisfaction and employee efficiency. Utilization of Pega’s omni-channel services provides personalized intelligent guidance resulting in case management first contact resolution. Stop by the booth to learn how Customer Service for Insurance anticipates, connects, and simplifies solutions to ensure a great customer experience every time.

Manufacturing & High Tech

Manufacturing Digital Prescriptive Maintenance

Want to turn your IoT data and insights into real business value? Discover how the Pega Platform, sales, service, marketing, and AI can help you leverage your IoT investments to improve product uptime and the customer experience.

Manufacturing After Sales Service

Want to delight your customers while driving down costs and increasing post-sale revenues? Discover how Pega’s Customer Service, Field Service, Warranty, and AI solutions can be combined to streamline and standardize service inquiries, improve transparency, and exceed expectations through a unified environment.

Public Sector

Government Modernization

Governments are under increasing pressure to cut implementation time, costs, and risk while allowing rapid response to change. Pega Government Platform (PGP) is a no-code solution built for government. The solution is agile, secure, and unified—expediting transformation without having to “rip and replace” existing systems. Visit the PGP booth to see how you can easily build government applications and realistically phase-in your modernization strategy.

Government Customer Engagement

Quickly improve government customer experience and drive operational efficiency. Governments across the world leverage Pega’s customer engagement solutions to modernize legacy applications, streamline processes, and meet ever-evolving constituent expectations. Stop by our booth see first-hand how you can move beyond the call center to deliver intelligent, agile, and complete customer experiences.

Accelerate Your Pega Experience

Pega Academy

Pega Academy courses are designed and developed by Pega certified experts. Through flexible delivery options, each course provides design and implementation best practices covering Pega application development as well as specialized topics. Pega Academy's training options provide you the flexibility to learn at your own pace in the format that not only works best for you, but also best fits into your schedule.  

Pega Community

Our growing ecosystem is changing the way the world builds software – and redefining who gets to build it. The Pega Community is the place to jumpstart your Pega journey, drive successful projects, and take your career to the next level.  Explore our vast knowledge base of articles, videos, and reference documentation while gaining valuable insights into our products, capabilities, and implementation best practices.  Extend your learning, validate your skills, and stay current with the latest Pega releases.  Troubleshoot problems alongside other committed Pega professionals and get empowered to deliver breakthrough outcomes with the Pega Community.

University Academic Program

Pega's University Academic Program (UAP) offers a university-level course of study through participating universities. The program is taught by Pega-certified professors and offers a professional certification for students pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Business IT, CIS, or Digital Marketing. After completing the required courses, students can qualify for internships or seek employment with leading Global 3000 firms who transform their businesses with Pega technology. Please visit our booth if you're interested in encouraging universities that you currently recruit from to adopt this program.


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now impacts every organization in the world that has an EU resident’s personal information. Effective May 25, 2018, organizations can be challenged to show individuals all their information, restrict use of that information, or, if requested, erase it. Learn how Pega’s technology, including customer service, case management, robotics, Pega Customer Decision Hub, and more, provides your business with the iron-clad processes, automation, accountability, and transparent decisioning you’ll need to comply.

Pega Digital Support

Pega Digital Support provides a community, content, and services so you can digitally engage with Pega for all your support and self-service needs. Whether you are developing a new application, upgrading to the latest version, seeking an answer to a question, or looking to exchange ideas, Pega Digital Support can help. Visit the booth to learn more about enhancing your Pega development and services experience.

Pega Consulting

Come to the Pega Consulting booth to learn how we deliver rapid results. Leveraging our best practices and agile implementation methodology, your organization will see accelerated time-to-value. Pega Consulting can support you through our complete portfolio of specialized, advisory and delivery services. We enable business transformation by assessing, recommending, delivering, and optimizing all aspects of your Pega projects and programs.

Product Playground: No-Code Experience

Visit the Product Playground to watch experts show off the latest Pega products. While you're there, why not try out some of the technology for yourself at our innovation stations?


  • 1:00pm – 1:15pm   How to build an app in minutes with no-code  
  • 1:30pm – 1:45pm   The new AI-augmented agent  
  • 2:00pm – 2:15pm   End-to-end automation with Pega Platform  
  • 4:45pm – 5:00pm   Building chatbots that get work done  
  • 5:15pm – 5:30pm   A visual approach to data and integration management            
  • 5:45pm – 6:00pm   Supercharge sales with AI-powered sales automation  


  • 1:00pm – 1:15pm   Robotic automation 101   
  • 1:30pm – 1:45pm   DevOps made easy 
  • 2:00pm – 2:15pm   Workforce Intelligence: Unlocking insights for transformation
  • 4:45pm – 5:00pm   The latest in digital customer service
  • 5:15pm – 5:30pm   The always-on digital marketing engine
  • 5:45pm – 6:00pm   What’s new in Pega UI

Smart Bar

Swing by the Smart Bar to make an appointment with one of our experts who will sit down with you to answer your product questions, provide delivery advice, and take your feedback.


Engage at the Moment of Truth: An Augmented Reality Experience

In a fast-paced world, you only have one chance to engage a customer or respond to a crisis. Don’t miss an interactive Augmented Reality experience that reveals the power of digital transformation in action – and shows how Pega works behind the scenes to solve real problems, in real time.



Accenture Customer Safety and Recall Management

Accenture Customer Safety and Recall Management (ACSRM) helps increase customer engagement and loyalty by self-enabling business units to proactively notify customers of campaigns like product safety, updates, recall, and maintenance, all while recording the entire interaction history.

Accenture Aviation Experience Accelerator (AAEA)

Accenture demonstrates a single, airline-wide platform that breaks silos and connects marketing, sales, service, and airline operations in real-time to optimize the airline’s processes, sales, and services. By combining with IoT and mobility, airlines are empowered to provide a seamless and improved customer experience while ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

Accenture Omnichannel Interactive Banking

Accenture’s multichannel virtual assistant supports the customer during home-banking browsing, interprets customer needs, and identifies the next-best-action to improve customer engagement and regulatory compliance, increase commercial effectiveness and management efficiency, and automate the process and writing of customer data in banking systems.

Accenture Proactive Care Management

This innovative solution creates a feedback loop to engage patients/customers outside of a clinical setting. The mobile solution seamlessly integrates with Pega's CRM features to create a rich, holistic, 360-degree customer view that improves customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Accenture Critical Care Staffing for Healthcare

Experience how automation empowers care providers to align staff resources to support patients with life-threatening injuries and illness.

Accenture Enrollment for Health Payers

See Accenture combine intelligent automation and optical character recognition (OCR) to improve the health payer enrollment process.

Accenture Intelligent Customer Engagement

Bringing the innovative capabilities within Pega decision engine directly to your customers, Accenture Intelligent Customer Engagement is creating exceptional user experiences with AI and extended reality. This immersive technology provides intelligent customer engagement with your products and services, customized upsell opportunity, and accelerates customer growth and sales productivity.

Accenture Living Process for Retention

New customer acquisition is typically more expensive than retraining existing customers. This offering brings together Pega’s capabilities on customer service, marketing, and mobile. Integrating with AI and augmented reality enables a fluid workflow that helps to proactively identify churn risks and offer personalized plans to customers.



Citizen Services Solution

Today’s public citizens and businesses expect a retail-grade, multi-channel experience that’s as efficient as the innovative private sector services they’ve become used to. Citizen Services Solutions addresses this by seamlessly interfacing with existing applications and providing government organizations with a complete view of their constituents and suggested next best action.

Predictive Services for Customer Engagement

Increased consumer expectation, changes in behavior, a growing number of touchpoints, and more data equal an ever-changing and complexifying market. Predictive Services for Customer Engagement helps cut through this complexity and maximize customer value. By anticipating a customer’s next step, it enables tailored and personalized experiences - fostering brand loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy.


Loss Mitigation

The Loss Mitigation solution aims to evaluate delinquent borrowers for loan modification programs and provide them with affordable terms of loan repayment. It streamlines the process of borrower's document procurement, application evaluation and review, monitoring of trial repayment plans, and eventual transition into final repayment plans.

Pega On Cloud

Introductory offering of hosting and enabling clients to migrate their existing on-premise application to a Cognizant Managed Cloud environment. This provides for cost efficiencies, delivers value, and enables clients on their Digital Transformation Journey.

iAudit - Member Touchpoint Measure (MTM)

The solution assesses service performance by monitoring enrollment processing, claims adjudication, inquiry resolution and first call resolution to determine responsiveness to customers. This is done by determining a score of each health plan based on outcome of review process. This score reflects the overall service the health plan is providing to members and employers.

Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA, protects organizations and individuals which produce or own digital media content from copyright infringements. The solution brings in a strong foundation to handle DMCA Life Cycle from First Notice until its Termination. The solution supports multi-channel interactions to initiate a Take-Down Notice case.

NextGenSS: Enable Rapid Deployment and Transform Sales and Service

NextGenSS enables rapid deployment and transformation of sales and service for insurance agents. It helps to grow and retain customer value and enables customers to make their own decisions on policy selection. This solution leverages customer historical data to gain insights on customers and support cross sell / up sell.


Transforming the KYC Process in Financial Services

The world's largest financial institutions are transforming their global onboarding and refresh processes while meeting complex Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory guidelines that vary for each jurisdiction. In this sample demo, you will see a robust KYC application that supports global workflow and CDD/EDD rules for large multinational financial institutions.

Digital Enterprise Process Automation

To optimize processes and customer experience, reduce costs, increase collaboration, and enable innovation, legacy, and core digital transformation is critical. Pega7 powered chatbots, case management, robotic process automation (RPA) and robotic desktop automation (RDA) are methods demonstrating considerable potential for our clients. Stop by to see how our point of view can enable your enterprise automation strategy.

Increasing Efficiency in Life Sciences: R&D

Powered by Pega, EY is enabling an E2E model which integrates processes with legacy system data, provides transparency through auditable workflow and increases efficiency with the use of Workforce Intelligence and Robotic Automation. Stop by and learn about how EY is defining and linking cross-functional metrics into real-time dashboard reporting and improving operational efficiency and speed to market in Life Sciences.

The EY Automation Dynamic Delivery Model

The Automation Delivery Center provides a centralized, industrialized model that enables our clients to implement evolving process automation technologies within an operational incubator structure. Learn how this model can help your organization implement Pega technology in an efficient and cost effective manner while providing scalable options for long term success when considering US and delivery center based work.


Building Tomorrow’s Citizen Services

A happy citizen is a productive and proud citizen. Learn how Infosys’s Digital Government Platform can delight citizens by improving self-service, reducing service delivery time while digitizing processes, and improving internal process efficiencies. Leverage the power of Pega platform, robotic automation and AI capabilities to amplify Citizen Potential (CzP) and Citizen Experience (CzX).

Digital Insurer

Infosys Digital Customer Service Platform helps insurers make better decisions, automate processes and deepen connections with customers and employees. The Platform leverages Pega Decision Hub, Robotic Process Automation, Text Analytics, and Natural Language Processing to enable the insurer to have a clear view of customer interactions and aid the customer service representative to offer enhanced customer service experience through enhanced automation, faster turnaround times, and customer centricity.

Infosys Pega Digital Government Platform

Learn how Infosys Pega Digital Government Platform helps to amplify both citizen potential and citizen experience (CzX). This demo will demonstrate Infosys’ potential in improving business processes in the public sector. It aims to deliver a system which increases productivity, customer service, and change management by automating business processes. Currently businesses are spending significant time to process Visa application, Business License, Fraud Management, Community Dispute and Child Safety. This leads to decreasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Significant time will be reduced by implementing features such as machine learned chat bots, application program interface for reviewing business applications, and block chain for Visa processing.

Future Green Digital Bank

Learn how Infosys is building a “Green” digital bank with personalized customer experience using omni-channel management. Amplifying the power of Pega platform for OCR capabilities, robotic automation, co-browse, chatbot, and AI capabilities. Enhanced customer’s happiness index collaborating digital ecosystem and decision making strategy.

 Digitizing Provider Credentialing

Before a provider or organization (practice) can bill an insurance carrier, the provider must first be credentialed by the carrier. This demo showcases digitizing one of the many steps in the process – provider verification by leveraging Pega Robotics to reduce turnaround time for background checks on individual practitioners or a group of practitioners for a practice group.

Customer Intent Driven Intelligent Automation for B2B Order Management

B2B order management digitized and optimized thus enhancing efficiency and amplifying customer experience through:

  • BPM & Robotics based process orchestration/automation
  • Channel-independent customer interactions
  • Text analytics and NLP driven email channel
  • Desktop robotic agents enable human agents deliver customer delight
  • Robotics process agents help integrate with applications without support APIs, services
  • Instant response chatbots drastically reduce wait times
  • Decision strategy driven case routing, offers

Tata Consultancy Services LTD.

Facebook Chatbot Demo (TCS Cadence and Loan Application)

The solution will enable customers to chat with two bots from the same Facebook login at the same time. While one will be a TCS Pega community knowledge bot (TCS Cadence), the other is a loan application bot. A user will be able to hold parallel chats with both bots while applying for a loan without any human interface. This dual-bot solution allows service providers to work with the same customer on two different topics.

Pega Design Validator

This design validator tool for software applications highlights key design elements. As it reports all key decisions and violations during design development, it is easy to identify incorrect/faulty design elements from the rulestack and take remedial measures. The Pega Design Validator helps reduce manual effort and error design reviews and ensure strong foundational design for smooth implementation.

End-to-End DevOps in Pega

This solution supports end-to-end DevOps integration in Pega. Starting with the integration of  JIRA with Pega, the tool will offer visibility into the entire DevOps process including AUT testing and Gaurdrail verification. This Pega stack also includes Agile Workbench for staff management. This automation tool showcases the requirements of product development through the lifecycle, from Requirements capture till SIT deployment.

Dockerised Pega and Automated Deployments Using Jenkins

This solution helps developers resolve compatibility restrictions in software applications by providing a common interface for migrating applications. Instead of rebuilding the applications designed for a predetermined environment during migration (eg:  from bare metal to a virtual machine, or from a VM to the cloud, or between service providers), Docker Containers provide a channel to bridge the gaps, and remove the environment restrictions and incompatibilities, resulting in a faster time-to-market. This solution is an asset developed and maintained by TCS BITG DevOps COE, and is a part of coded DevOps solution called Magnum. Magnum is an engineering offering from DevOps CoE that integrates development and operations.

PARSA Portal Monitoring Dashboard

There is no portal/dashboard for monitoring of applications under Pega. So to reduce the effort spent on monitoring on the AMS maintenance activities/monitoring activities and to ensure proactive monitoring and availability of the critical applications, TCS developed a monitoring portal to monitor NPS messages sent/received to/from various external systems. The PARSA monitoring portal provides proactive monitoring of integration with various channels like call center, online, webshop, and self-service, and real-time monitoring of Pega Cloud through Jenkins for raising alert if connections with Pega cloud are lost or getting down.


Virtusa Logistics Decisioning

The Virtusa Logistics Decisioning demo will provide insights on how to solve a simple customer question, “Where is my Order?" Challenging and complex business environments struggle with logistics, orchestrating the value chain, and giving the business clear visibility into where a customer’s order is and what the status is.

Virtusa Implementation Health and Maintenance Program

Are your programs reusable? Are you happy with time-to-market for new capabilities? A unique view of your platform through our proprietary assessment tool provides a strategic heatmap identifying key areas of Pega implementation. Reporting capabilities provide detailed set of adjustments and recommendations to achieve optimal business value.

Virtusa Siebel/SFDC CRM Conversion to Pega 7

Stepping into Pega SA from Siebel or SFDC solution can be daunting, but with Virtusa’ s proprietary methodology and toolset examining the existing implementation, organizations can properly size, plan, and execute the “lift and shift” of their capabilities while protecting key assets and adopting more capabilities of Pega platform.

Virtusa Pega Collections Accelerator

Don’t leave money on the table! Increase your collection rate and do it right within the new regulatory requirements. Drive focused collections with integrity and regulatory responsibility using innovative AI.

Provider Lifecycle Management

Virtusa’s proven Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution drives network growth and quality for your customers and provider network. By addressing challenges in prospecting, contracting, credentialing, primary source of verification (PSV), pricing configuration, and e-signature, you can achieve excellence. Unique engineering strategies dealing with massive data loads ensure the high-quality data your network deserves.

Cognitive Intake

With advances in optical character recognition, natural language processing and AI along with the ever-expanding data sources, Virtusa’ s cognitive PV intake solution provides the edge companies need in the pharmacovigilance market. Its decision-based technology configured within Pega platform is created and structured for rapid configurability to meet compliance requirements.



Build your ‘Always On’ Digital Marketing Hub in Minutes

Come and see how Adqura can help you to transform customer engagement and business results across multiple channels, products, and customer journeys. Using our innovative new designs leveraging Pega technology, build your platform in minutes not months. Create personalized, connected interactions with every customer, at the crucial moments of truth.


Cisco Webex

Pega has enhanced their industry leading CRM solution with the industry leading collaboration platform - Cisco Webex. Come see how you can change the way you communicate with your customers with the most secure collaboration cloud supporting real-time videos, screen pops, and customization with open APIs.


EvonSys Smart Investigate (ESI)

Accelerate your Smart Investigate implementation time and save development money with EvonSys Smart Investigate (ESI). Automate test cases through OOB ETAS scripts. Enable business users to create correspondence templates for various correspondence types including SWIFT. Seamlessly integrate with ERTP and make payments through Ripple. Jumpstart your journey on natural language processing and robotics and begin your digital process transformation today.

EvonSys Test Automation Suite (ETAS)

EvonSys Test Automation Suite (ETAS) is an easy to configure regression test tool that accelerates testing time and reduces your SDLC spend. Enable developers and business users to easily create test scripts through Excel and execute regression testing for each release avoiding costly production issues.

EvonSys Real Time Payments (ERTP)

EvonSys Real Time Payments (ERTP) integrates with Pega® Smart Investigate for Payments and Advanced E&I Rulebook module offering centralized payment investigations on a single case management platform complimenting processes related to other payment methods and treasury products. It enables straight-through processing (STP) of the ISO20022 investigation messages that comprise the RTP solution.

EvonSys Customer Service Accelerator (ECSA)

Starting a customer service implementation? Get real-time estimates based on your requirements with EvonSys Customer Service Accelerator (ECSA). The accelerator generates the foundation layer for your implementation and robots for each service case to complete the process. It also comes with decisioning modules to maintain a smart system.

Incessant and RuleTek

Pega and Blockchain Solutions

See how Pega integrates with Blockchain to support the KYC and e-Checks. Incessant’ s iKNOW solution enables the verification of identities during the KYC process, ensuring a more efficient onboarding process. eCHECK transforms the traditional check-based lifecycle by making transactions transparent and immutable, eliminating the risk of fraudulent check transactions.

Seamlessly Manage Cases and Content

Incessant has created an integrated Pega 7 Case and Content / Document Management Platform using Alfresco. Harnessing the power of Pega’s Case Management Platform with Alfresco’ s Enterprise Content Services, the framework enables case worker’s to seamlessly manage both cases and associated documents, ensuring compliance and governance requirements are met.

Integrated DevOps Suite

The Integrated DevOps Suite offers continuous delivery through solutions and processes that quickly move applications from development through to testing and then rapid deployment. Solutions include iPCD for continuous delivery, iCLEAR for Pega production support, iCALM for Pega application lifecycle management, and iTEST which allows organizations to accelerate their testing automation for Pega applications.

Contract Management Framework

RuleTek’s Contract Management Framework allows users to intelligently assemble, publish, and orchestrate the lifecycle of use-case specific documents with ease. DocuSign and mobile ready!


Unlock the Power of Your DMP with Pega and Adobe 

See how Pega Marketing has been integrated with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, making omni-channel people-based marketing a reality! Stop by our booth for a live demo and free assessment.

See Proof of Concepts Come to Life with Merkle Innovation Cloud (MIC)

The Merkle Innovation Cloud enables brands to test the integration of people-based data and intelligence with leading marketing cloud technologies like Pega Marketing. Stop by our booth for a demo of how we’ve implemented Pega’s Customer Decision Hub to deliver omni-channel customer experiences from prospecting, through loyalty and win back.

Enhance Your Decisioning Capabilities with a Solid Strategy

Lean on Merkle’s 10 years of decisioning expertise to build a customized roadmap that will take your marketing programs to the next level and deliver measurable increases in revenue via cross-sell, up-sell, and retention.  We’ll help you leverage Pega Marketing and Pega Platform to make people-based marketing a reality. 

Reduce Implementation Time with Industry Leading Prebuilt Solutions

Our prebuilt solutions accelerate the delivery of projects and the time it takes organizations to achieve self-sufficiency with decisioning. We bring 10+ years of decisioning experience with world-class brands who are seeing success with the right methodology and process to get actionable insights and a quicker return on investment.



Rulesware, a digital transformation consultancy, is recognized  the quality delivery of Pega implementations at world-leading organizations. We have 13 years of experience delivering Pega solutions, and over 200 employees, over half of whom are in Latin America, allowing our clients to work with our near-shore teams in the same time zone.  


Rulesware delivers high quality robotics projects and helps clients understand when best to utilize robotics and/or traditional Pega automation capabilities.


The pace of change in today’s world can only be met with efficient and effective DevOps capabilities. Learn why Rulesware is the go-to partner for implementing DevOps in your company.


Everyone’s talking about Artificial Intelligence. Before you can go there, you need the right reporting and analytics to run your operations today. Come and see how Rulesware can meet your needs.

Tech Mahindra

Insurance Excellence Solutions

Zero Touch Underwriting – A cognitive Machine Learning solution that interprets medical reports and uses AI to process data from wearable devices for Underwriters to make smart.decisions.

IntelliClaims – A solution to automate claims processing through intelligent data extraction, communication, and business processes.

Connected Service Experience

An intelligent solution that analyzes an enterprise’s IOT data to make real-time decisions and automates workflows to execute the next best action proactively. This helps in improving customer experience and can be customised to address any organization’s customer service delivery.


A solution designed to improve the quality of life for post discharge patients. A digital disruption that allows physicians to prescribe home healthcare programs, monitor vitals, offer remedies, and largely improve coordination between patients, physicians, and healthcare providers leading to reduced patient re-admission.

TechM Pega AQT Framework™ (Automation, Quality, Time) - Cross Industries

Tech Mahindra’s Pega CoE brings together best practices and a configurable asset that extends Pega platform capabilities to further enable DevOps, CI/CD leading to improved quality , accelerated time to value, and reduced delivery risks.

Wipro LTD.

Reach New Heights. Intelligent Process Automation In Action

See Wipro demonstrate how to dramatically improve the customer onboarding experience, improve agents productivity using Virtual Assistant, Pega robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and other powerful Pega capabilities.

I Knew It. Pega Customer Decision Hub In Action

Come and see Wipro demonstrate how to delight the customer by unleashing the power of Pega Customer Decision Hub in critical moments of truth along the customer journey.

DevOps for Pega

Adopt DevOps for Pega for hassle free, continuous delivery with end-to-end automation using Wipro Accelerators for DevOps, test automation, code review and Pega tools.

Customer Engagement

Meet our experts and learn to improve Agent and customer experience across channels by leveraging Pega Customer Service.


ABBYY - Transform Business Documents into Business Value with ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture enables organizations to transform business documents into business value. Through the exploitation of AI technology, it is able to recognize types automatically and identify the structured data that resides within them. The ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector for Pega enables structured information to be automatically passed to a Pega object along with a PDF attachment of the original document.  Documents can be imported electronically from folders, email or captured via scanners and/or mobile devices. This connector does not require custom coding but utilizes configuration files to define the mappings between FlexiCapture and Pega objects which facilitates rapid and agile deployments for both existing and new Pega customers.

Areteans - Areteans UX Optimizer

Areteans UX Optimizer is a solution that can be deployed on B2B or B2C applications to track, log, and provide insights on user journeys, usability and interactions. These insights based on real-time collection of data, can then be used to improve user experiences immensely and provide an indicator of success of the application.

Axiom - Leveraging Pega 7.x and Blockchain for Manufacturing

Learn how Axiom leverages Pega 7.x and Blockchain technology to provide end-to-end visibility to unrelated parties across the value chain regarding transfer of ownership, business events, and transactions. The solution includes placing an order using omni channels, tracking the ‘current state’ and interactions between Pega Workflow and the Blockchain ledger.

Bresatech - Digital Transformation of Field Service Using AI & Robotics

Experience automation through robotics. Optimize Pega robotics to automate Field Service Case Management and integrate Pega with enterprise CRM systems. Stop by and see how Bresatech Field Service Case Management uses chatbots and virtual assistants such as Alexa to interact with your customers to assist in create, update, schedule, and close field service requests.

Celebrus - Feeding the Pega Brain

Celebrus captures best-in-class customer behavior and experience data from across channels to empower Pega decisioning. Our unrivalled speed-of-deployment delivers 1-to-1 data in real-time, increasing the quality of insight-led contacts. Together, Celebrus and Pega enable proven customer experience improvements, more relevant and timely interactions, and incremental revenue opportunities.

CGI - Make it easy with PEGA RPA

The demo will be an overview how you can use PEGA RPA to collect information across all your Information System and displayed them to the end user.  In our case the end user (a customer) connect to the public website of a company in order to order a product. This web site will use RPA:

  • to retrieve all customer information stored in the CRM and displayed them in the website homepage
  • to check in the dedicated application if the product ordered is still available before ordering
  • to check in the dedicated application if the product has been sent and when it will be delivered

Ciberspring - Take Your Pega Implementation To The Next Level!

Ciberspring will help you leverage Pega by assessing your resources, goals, and challenges, and then design the right channels, creative, and technology to maximize your investment and customer experience. We architect and implement the solution, train your staff, provide ongoing support, and manage your entire transformation journey.

Digital FastForward - Pega Innovation Accelerator

Digital FastForward is a Pega-funded innovation accelerator with deep expertise, helping clients apply design thinking and creativity to unleash the full innovative potential of Pega. Through fast-paced innovation sprints, we help clients envision new digital use cases and implement pilot solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

Ethoca - Eliminate Ecommerce Friction with One Solution

Discover how to make ecommerce friction a thing of the past with Ethoca. Consisting of Eliminator and Ethoca Alerts, our new, multi-layered Integrated Solution Suite leverages the power of merchant-issuer collaboration to eliminate chargebacks, fight multiple forms of fraud – including friendly fraud – increase transaction acceptance, and improve customer experience.

HCL Technologies - Churn Management Solution: (Pega AI Solution)

Churn Management Solution uses predictive analytics-based intelligence in real-time to identify whether a customer has the potential to churn or become loyal. Adaptive analytics-based intelligence provides the next-best-action to service the customer with new offers and plans appropriately in the best interest of retention.

Hexaware - SMART Variable Annuity Fund Switch

Annuity Administration for Insurance & Pension providers using Chatbots, RPA and Pega BPM.

Hoverstate - Hoverstate + Pega Healthcare = Winning Strategy

Healthcare is complicated and dynamic. See Hoverstate to learn how Pega can enable your consumer strategies with an immersive user experience that guides consumers through a decision-making process to match them to the best healthcare products.  A consumer strategy in concert with your larger market strategies wouldn’t be possible without a mature product and benefits management capability. Learn how Pega PCS coupled with Hoverstate’s knowledge in benefits administration and claims adjudication is a winning approach to modernizing your company's product management and life cycle capabilities.

Idio - Idio's B2B Demand Orchestration Platform

This collaboration ensures better B2B customer experiences that intelligently move each account and individual to the next stage in the journey, rather than force offers and discounts better suited for B2C strategies. For more information, see https://idio.ai/pega-idio-partnership/.

Luxoft - Provider Lifecycle Management with Pega

 Luxoft’s Digital Lab integrates Pega into laboratory workflows, connecting scientists. By integrating cameras with computer vision and AI, this solution monitors experiments and analyzes what it ‘sees’— identifying real-time changes. Our demo shows how computer vision tracks immediate actions or if an error occurs, creating time-associated data points, increasing lab efficiency. 

Mphasis - Robots Augmenting Digital Experience in a Bank Branch

Artificial Intelligence enables facial recognition via robots equipped with cameras and powered by cloud and cognitive makes that determination.

Once customer’s identity is established, robots reaches out to Pega’s Customer Decision Hub(CDH) and CDH provides the Next Best Action(NBA) which is used further to deliver relevant services.

Perficient - Pega Artificial Intelligence and Customer Decision Hub

Leveraging Pega’s robust AI capabilities and real-time decisioning, Perficient’s demo showcases virtual chat assistants (bots), with text analytics and sentiment analysis, to improve customer engagement and facilitate transactions. Layering in the Customer Decision Hub to guide the customer interaction, the demo underscores the extent and depth of the integrated Pega platform.

Quavo - Quantum Fraud and Disputes Application

Quantum Fraud and Disputes (QFD) is a best-in-breed fraud and disputes application built on Pega technology. It is the only fully baked fraud and disputes application in the industry that requires minimal-to-no configuration and customization by an issuer. Issuers have long believed that unique products and case types required distinct fraud and dispute workflows or even disparate applications, but Quavo’s experience tells a different story.

Ruletronics - Ushering You to Meet Insurance Regulations: Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) is Here, Are You Ready?

Do you wonder how the latest Insurance regulations like IDD can be tackled? Visit our booth to learn how Pega Customer Services and KYC applications could create a scalable, guided, and transformative solution that is not only compliant with IDD but also creates a unified Sales and CRM platform making you “Future Ready".

Serendebyte - Next Gen Customer Collaboration with Pega and Cisco Spark

Next Gen collaboration delivered though a solution built on Pega Customer Service and Cisco’s Spark technologies. The solution cuts physical boundaries, allows complex multi-user collaborations, and adds new dimensions to make real-time customer interactions more personal and effective.

Sopra Steria - Sopra Steria Continuous Delivery Kit for Pega Projects to Speed up Implementation with DevOps Tools

CDK4PEGA is available for Pega projects, providing features to build, check, and install Pega applications. A sample of provided features:

  • Dedicated Pega RuleSets improving best practices
  • Optimized generic scripts, integrated to Jenkins jobs, to build and deploy your Pega application using CDK
  • Useful tools to insure deliveries integrity

srcLogic - Alfresco ECM Connector

srcLogic’s Alfresco connector provides out-of-the-box integration between Pega 7 and Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The srcLogic connector seamlessly integrates Alfresco Content and Compliance Services with the Pega 7 Platform to provide full-featured document, content, and records management. In addition, the connector will improve Pega 7 Clipboard performance and memory management when working with large files and unstructured content.

Stratosphere - Stratosphere Consulting Center of Excellence

Come see Stratosphere's COE Workbench and learn how we leverage the three pillars of COE; Governance, Enablement, and Delivery, to create real ROI for Pega's largets users.

Verifi, Inc. - Order Insight®

Order Insight connects cardholders, merchants, and issuers to resolve disputes in near real-time, resulting in better customer experience. Integrated into mobile banking applications and the issuer's contact center system, Order Insight provides customers with order details to resolve billing confusion quickly, and enables issuers to validate the sale or flag disputes as true or first-party fraud, eliminating chargebacks.

YASH Technologies - Leveraging Pega for Process Automation, Augmenting Agility and Performance

Aaseya IT Services Pvt. Ltd., a Yash Technologies Company, is a Pega Partner, with an accomplished team of BPM, CRM, and RPA technology experts.  The team enhances customer experiences through digital process automation by providing Pega consulting and project delivery services. Over the last two decades, Yash Technologies has been a leading infrastructure, digital services organization and an outsourcing partner for large global organizations in over 27 countries. Aaseya/Yash will showcase solutions to help organizations leverage Pega platform for process automation, augmenting agility, and performance.

Zensar Technologies - Voice Driven Automated Desktop Applications

Enhanced customer experience through Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for status updates and case management activities. The application uses Pega’s Robotic Process Automation along with an IVA to fetch the customer’s spoken commands, interpret the intention, and provide results vocally. This allows UI less interactions to happen in a truly mobile fashion without human interaction for simple tasks.

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