Case Study

RBC: Better Service Levels Increase Loyalty

Using the Pega Build for Change® platform, RBC rebuilt an end-to-end resolution process called CART (Client Action and Request Tool) spanning all channels and lines of business. CART guides users through the complexities of documenting problems with simple navigation screens, coaching tips, and step-by-step prompts. It even immediately resolves cases at the point of service. The process automation capabilities of the CART solution helps drive higher efficiency rates by automatically retrieving customer data required for resolution. The solution also routes cases to the correct support group and generates supporting forms and correspondences. When RBC first rolled out CART, there was no need for any formalized training. The service fulfillment groups were able to click on the "Create a New Client Request" button and successfully drive cases to resolution.

Higher Service Commitments RBC's proprietary studies quantified the hard dollar benefit of an improved customer experience. This allowed them to align the project with their "client first" vision instead of just focusing on productivity gains. CART presents "high confidence" service commitments with enforceable service-level agreements (SLAs) adjusted for each request type, customer segment, and fulfillment group. Staff can now accurately manage expectations and provide expedited service to higher value clients; leading to a better customer experience and a stronger loyalty bond. The automated processes of CART included over 900 case types which drastically reduced errors and duplicates. This allowed the staff to focus only on the steps that required their skill and judgment. RBC not only decreased the total elapsed resolution time (in some cases down from five days to 30 minutes), but also reduced back office headcount by 20 percent. When CART was rolled out to RBC's 40,000+ staff, three field adoption rates were greater than 60 percent for Phase One. By Phase Two, they had climbed to 80 percent.


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