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Moments of truth in every customer conversation.

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A customer service representative (CSR) picks up the phone. At the other end, a customer wants to increase their credit card spending limit. Does your CSR have the information he needs about this customer? Is he going to know what to do, and can he complete the change quickly? Will the right regulations be applied so that the interaction is compliant with fair lending practices? And will you able to capitalize on the conversation to increase the customer’s lifetime value? Every customer conversation is a moment of truth. The way in which you conduct this conversation will fundamentally alter the customer's relationship with your bank. It will create a lasting impression – either good or bad – that either increases customer loyalty or drives the customer to defect.

For most banks, there are a core set of customer interactions that occur frequently or which represent high-value interactions. Rather than managing interactions as isolated, channel-dependent incidents, intelligent conversation management treats each interaction as part of an interconnected conversation and can transform your relationship with your customers. Leveraging an understanding of past engagements and real-time information to predict future interactions, intelligent conversation management can help you successfully navigate each moment of truth to deliver experiences that enhance the value of your bank to your customer – and the value of your customer to your bank.


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