Case Study

Extended Warranty Provider: Improves Productivity 42%

When this company won a contract to service a large consumer goods manufacturer’s Warranty Claims, thousands of products, contracts, processing rules and procedures had to be incorporated into the system along with a unique branded user interface. The team leveraged Pega in the cloud to set up a development platform within a day. They leveraged Pega’s situational layer cake technology to create a core set of processes, procedures and user interfaces that could quickly be added to and customized to meet a specific client’s needs. In addition, they leveraged the Warranty Management Solution to fulfill many of their key business objectives, such as: Deliver a unique, high quality customer experience, product consistent results/claim settlements, customize the client applications with a low total cost of ownership, reduce ad-hoc processing outside business systems, provide selfservice, multi-channel capabilities, support global expansion, and expand product offerings.

In the first few months of operation, they experienced a 42% gain in productivity. CSR’s praised the solution for its ease of use and intuitive process flow. They quickly moved to the broader rollout of the solution to include all their clients. As a result, the team has been able to quickly on-board new clients and incorporate all their unique requirements while maintaining the core set of rules, policies and procedures that are driving improvement of operational performance and lowering costs.


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