CBA: Enabling Meaningful Customer Conversations

Hear how Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) delivered "next best conversations" leading to 10 times more leads and a 300% improvement in conversations.

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For us at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, building a relationship with customers we think is based on trust. So how do you do that? We want to do it by having more proactive, needs based conversations with our customers.

At the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, we call the next best actions within Pega next best conversations. And that's deliberate. Because ultimately what we're trying to do is have connective conversations with our customers across all the interactions that they have with us. Every time a customer goes into NetBank, uses the app, calls us, goes to branch. That calls our customer engagement engine and says, "Is there a next best conversation available for this customer?"

That happens 20 million times every single day and in every one of those instances, we return a next best conversation to our customers in under 160 milliseconds. We've tried to integrate our customer engagement engine across all of the channels that we use. Fairly impressive list and pretty aggressive over the last couple years. In total, we talk about being integrated into 18 channels. To run something at that scale, clearly it's really almost impossible to do it using the traditional modeling approach that you would take. We built 250 of the latest AI models in one week, and my team, the team of data scientists tell me that that would have taken them almost three years using their traditional modeling approach. We sent 10 times more leads than we'd ever sent before. They were 300% better than any conversations we were having with our customers home lending before. Ninety-five percent of the leads we sent got actioned. What we've seen is that when we're having next best conversations with our customers, the customer satisfaction and their promotive score is significantly greater than when we don't.


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