Case Study

Bank Back Office Speeds Fraud Resolution with Robotic Automation

The bank’s back office processes continuous transaction fraud alerts for debit cardholders. Alerts generate actions to analyze suspect transactions, and fraud agents must work quickly and accurately to resolve and record the results. Then either a case is closed (no fraud indicated) or other measures are taken to safeguard all parties. This process formerly involved a number of complex manual steps, including log in and log out, performed on many applications. These kinds of complicated, manual processes don’t scale well. To increase the number of cases processed, the back office would have had to add a proportional number of people, with related training and other costs. The requirement was for an automated solution to integrate legacy processing applications and perform timely process monitoring.

Business Goals

  • Integrate multiple, disparate legacy applications
  • Streamline business processes for bank employees without code modifications
  • Provide real-time visibility into fraud processes


  • Doubled number of fraud cases processed
  • Increased scalability
  • Reduced training costs for new staff
  • Increased staffing efficiency


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