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"We've been able to find inefficiencies in what we're doing and shining a light on it… We call it 'Tracking the untrackables’."
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WFI Production Goal

Employee Focus Where It Matters

What your employees do with their time has a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Get insights into which areas are most vulnerable for your organization. Opportunity Finder Analysis will get you back on track by showing you where your production gaps lie.

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Track Application Effectiveness

Wait Time Analysis shows you what applications are being used and how well they are performing. Not only that, but it tells you how effectively your employees are using those applications. If there’s an inefficiency in your team’s application usage, you won’t be flipping desks over to find it.

WFI New Paths

Discover New Paths

How do you know what improvements or automations to target when you don’t know the application paths employees use to complete their work? Path Visualizer uses thousands of hours of desktop data to display these paths so you can zero in on the places that drive impact for your business.

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Informed Performance Coaching

Your team members need ongoing coaching, not just at arbitrary points on the calendar. Use data to inform and tailor feedback at a personal and contextual level by drilling into individual performances and helping employees grow in a timely manner.

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