Shelly Kramer on the Paradox of Technology: Making Marketing More Human

“Every part of that [customer’s] experience has to be focused on not only how you attract a customer but how you continue to touch them after you sell them something.”

– Shelly Kramer, Marketing Expert, Co-founder and CEO, V3+Broadsuite

Hear insights from Shelly Kramer, Marketing Expert, Co-founder and CEO of V3+Broadsuite, and Matt Nolan, Product Marketing Director at Pega, as they sit down to discuss how to make marketing more human by creating personalized interactions that drive higher customer engagement.

Tune in as they discuss:

  • How the right technology can bring people and organizations together by enabling experiences that are more human.
  • Ways to use technology to get closer to customers as individuals and build positive, lasting relationships.
  • How prominent brands like Sprint, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and British Gas are creating more human customer experiences.

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