PegaWorld 2017: Future Empowered (Video)

Great brands share three distinct attributes. First, they are relentlessly customer-centric. They deliver consistently exceptional experiences, personalized to the individual, and seamlessly across the entire spectrum of relationship. Secondly, they are operational powerhouses, able to continuously optimize their business systems while empowering employees with tools that lead to increasingly higher levels of production and efficiency. Finally, they are fiercely agile. They respond quickly to changing market conditions. They are the agitators and disruptors that redefine the standards in their industries. And they are masters at leveraging technology to gain an advantage. In his opening keynote at PegaWorld, Alan Trefler, Pega’s Founder and CEO, will explore the ways in which truly great brands are achieving staggering results through the pragmatic application of innovative technologies and the revolutionary way they build and evolve software. Using these approaches, enterprises are able to meet the challenges of today and create the disruptive opportunities of tomorrow. They are future-empowered.


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