Pegaworld 2016: Accenture: Next-Gen NBA- Pushing the Customer Paradigm into the Digital Age (Video)

"We did do a vendor evaluation across about five different vendors and ultimately chose Pega both for it's fit for the immediate use cases that were in front of us, but also because we've all much longer term vision on the degree of process automation and digitization that we want to do across global services, not just within our customer service organization."

    - David Trotter, EMC

By 2020, there will likely be more than one billion Internet-connected devices. Customers increasingly expect customer service in real time and the Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from concept to reality. In this session, you will learn how organizations are driving new personalized engagement with their customers in real time using digital technologies and a customer decision hub. Join us to hear how companies are taking advantage of technology to delight their customers.


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