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Pega Retail Advisor

Pega’s Retail Advisor empowers a 1-1 experience that crosses Sales, Service and Marketing, and brings them to life in the retail setting. From the minute a customer walks into the store, organizations can streamline their experience – scheduling conversations, verifying their identity, browsing and reserving inventory – all from an employee’s mobile device.

As the customer and employee sit shoulder-to-shoulder, they can access the customer’s account, identify their reason for visiting, and review past purchases – then receive recommendations matching the perfect product or service to that person’s individual needs.

Retail Advisor leverages each individual’s profile across channels - past phone calls, product purchases, browsing history, service conversations, and marketing touches – to create personalized Next-Best- Action recommendations. Those recommendations determine the optimal “right now” offer for the customer or prospect in real-time, while they wait.


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