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Leadership in Customer Service: Driving Customer Experience and Business Performance from the Top

Today's businesses are fiercely fighting to attract and keep their customers, whose attention is increasingly difficult to capture and even more difficult to hold on to.

Consumers these days are faced with an overwhelming choice between similar price and quality products and services. So it's no wonder that customer service is becoming the new battlefield on which successful organisations can differentiate and thus triumph over their failing counterparts.

But what does it take to become a leading player in customer service and how does it impact business performance?

There's growing evidence that suggests that customer satisfaction positively impacts business performance. Recent research by my organisation, the Institute of Customer Service, shows that companies with higher customer satisfaction; particularly in the retail sector have achieved more sales and market share growth than organisations with lower customer satisfaction score. The research also demonstrates a clear link between customer satisfaction and an increased propensity to buy, recommend or repurchase from the same company.


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