iBPMS Chapter: Process of Everything

One of the most important trends in the technology industry will be the Internet of Everything (Evans, 2011). The Internet of Everything (IoE) will involve billions of devices or “things” connected over the Internet: generating data, sensing, firing and consuming events, and being controlled remotely. These things will be intelligent, and increasingly, the IoE will extend beyond traditional electronic devices to include everything—any device or thing, from food products to cars to airplanes to utilities to medicines to appliances and the houses in which we live. In the next decade, digital-enabled things will generate more Internet traffic than people. They will be the main source of Big Data, characterized by enormous volume, velocity, and variety. Through embedded intelligence, these things will be semi-autonomous. The IoE will transform both individual lives and open new opportunities and challenges for businesses.

These connected devices will be generating billions of events every day. Intelligent BPM (iBPM) will provide the context to coordinate these events. iBPM will instantiate, complete, and resolve work created from the intelligent devices. iBPM will connect these devices to human and system participants. Through iBPM intelligent devices will execute business rules and decisions, drive processes, and instantiate dynamic cases. They can learn and adapt, while being “process”-connected to other devices or humans.


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