How Cisco Services Accelerates Business Transformation

Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking systems, realized a few years ago that they needed to become more agile to meet customer expectations, to integrate acquisitions faster, and to scale its operations more effectively. Fundamental to the vision was real-time visibility across all service delivery transactions and the ability to focus critical resources to maximum effect. In order to meet tight customer SLAs, to hold partners accountable to their SLAs, and provision services more rapidly, the team began a journey to implement iBPMS under the Command Center initiative.

Cisco shares the story of this transformation, and their continued journey towards an adaptive and agile Global Service Supply Chain.

During this recorded webinar, you will discover:

  • Cisco’s winning model for global business transformation.
  • The critical challenges and successes they faced in implementing Global Business Transformation.
  • How to bring Business and IT together to build re-usable applications that can scale to become enterprise-wide solutions.


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