Next-Best-Content, Recommended In Real-Time

"Idio’s content intelligence engine complements our real-time customer decisioning solutions, to help B2B organizations present the right content at the right moment."

Expanding B2B Data & Insights

B2B marketers fight to personalize the way companies do in B2C – but they have huge gaps in their data, more complex sales cycles, and long-term nurturing requirements… all of this across a large and snarly matrix of decision makers.

B2C focuses on conversion – for every offer, someone buys or they don’t - it’s tightly coupled, and happens fast. But what if the purchase didn’t happen for months, even years, after you presented the content? How would you know what was working? How would you predict what’s next?

Idio’s Content Intelligence engine uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the unstructured data in a B2B brand’s materials (datasheets, manuals, eBooks, whitepapers, webpages, etc…), and build predictive associations based on the topics and keywords a person has shown interest in. These associations are used to determine what content will be most relevant for that individual next, based on their interests, profile and viewing history.

Next-Best-Content Recommendations

Given the siloed-nature of B2B marketing, sales, and service, most organizations are way too slow – they can’t adapt fast enough to meet an individual buyer’s changing needs. They miss opportunities to serve relevant content – content which could have accelerated engagement, or progressed an open opportunity.

With Pega Marketing and it’s Customer Decision Hub, every channel learns together in real-time, with no delays in learning or execution. When new information is collected, it’s immediately leveraged by all touchpoints.

When Pega makes a Next-Best-Action decision for a B2B contact, Idio delivers a 2nd-level Next-Best-Content recommendation that ensures what you present will be relevant to that individual. Now, not only will you predict the best action to take for each customer – you’ll zero in on the content which will motivate them to act.

Accelerating Customer Journeys

While B2C journeys are fast and simple, the B2B marketer has to nurture customers over the long-term, and manage multiple stakeholders for each account.

Leveraging the combination of the Customer Journey Visualization insight Pega Marketing, B2B organizations can define specific journeys that they want to track (products, steps, stages, etc..), and then measure the impact of their Next-Best-Content initiatives have on the customer.

What content optimizes conversion? What are the roadblocks in the journey? Where do people get stuck, or drop off the map completely?

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