Pega Social Engagement

Deliver a stronger, end-to-end customer experience using social media

For customer service teams extending their customer experience to include social channels, the Pega® Social Engagement application is the best enterprise social customer service software for connecting your social interactions to the entire digital customer journey.

Instead of trapping your social customer service team within yet another silo, Pega Social Engagement links your broader team’s conversations to all your customers’ interactions, so you can reach across channels to deliver a stronger, end-to-end customer experience.

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Meet rising customer expectations

Respond quickly to social inquiries as part of the digital customer journey. Social Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can immediately create service cases from any interaction, to follow the inquiry from start to finish.

Pega Social Engagement


Increase efficiency to reduce costs

Reduce propensity to call and improve average resolution times for social inquiries. When customers start a case in another channel, abandon, and then vent their frustration in your social channels? Pick up the case and see it to fruition.

Give your team the ability to quickly adjust service strategies, queue memberships, service level agreements, and processes to keep in sync with the rest of your customer service organization.

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For the 8th consecutive year, Gartner recognizes Pega as a leader in the market for global customer service and support applications.

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