Pega – Cisco Spark/Tropo Integration

Pega and Cisco have entered into a strategic partnership to create more intelligent, collaborative customer engagement solutions.

By combining Cisco Spark and Tropo with the industry-leading Pega Customer Service application, customer service centers complement the guided interactions and case management with:

  • Video calls
  • Click-to-call
  • Dynamic IVR content
  • Inbound and outbound SMS text integration
  • Team Collaboration
  • Voice to text
  • Screen pop
  • Landline text enabling

By integrating Pega Customer Service with Cisco Spark and Tropo’s cloud-based advanced collaboration and messaging capabilities, organizations can access Cisco’s advanced communication abilities to reach customers in the way they want, when they want it. The solution enables businesses to manage customer service interactions more quickly and with significantly less complexity than competing solutions. Integrated advanced communications capabilities enable customer service agents to have more personal, meaningful interactions.

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Clinical therapists doing sessions via Skype, automated medication reminders, video chats with pharmacists and other clinicians for immediate access to see what the patient is discussing, and more.

Data Sheet

The Pega Customer Service application enabled by Cisco’s Cloud Collaboration Platform can revolutionize how complex customer service needs can be met with minimal effort.

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Live Customer Service Chat

With the Pega Chat, your customer service team can quickly deliver online service, provide answers in real-time, and resolve issues faster.

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Pega Self-Service Advisor

Pega Self-Service Advisor uses Pega’s proven AI engine to surface the information and experience the customer needs in the moment they need it.

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