Live Customer Service Chat

Connect end-to-end service and improve customer experience

With the Pega Chat application, your customer service team can quickly deliver online service and provide answers in real-time, to help your customers resolve their issues faster.

Best of all, it lets you seamlessly continue a previous customer conversation by preserving its context. You can also pass that conversation forward to another channel, such as the phone. The result is a superior omni-channel experience for customers, no matter which channels they choose, resulting in higher customer satisfaction with a lower cost of service delivery.


Improve agent productivity

With Pega Chat, agents have the ability to chat simultaneously with multiple customers, thereby increasing productivity. Agents are able to answer questions quicker by using guided and automated scripts to direct conversations. Ultimately, this intelligent guidance leads to lower average handle times for customer inquiries.


Reduce costs

Not only does Pega Chat deliver increased productivity but it also enables organizations to lower their total interaction costs. Customers who would have otherwise called into a call center can now chat directly with agents online, reducing overall call volume by eliminating the need for follow up calls.

Support the entire customer journey

Pega Chat fills the gap between your self-service and assisted service, so that customers with questions can immediately get answers.

And, since Pega Chat is part of Pega Customer Service, it captures the context of the entire customer journey, so that your employees can understand which channels the customer has previously visited and what conversations they’ve already had. The application takes advantage of Pega’s unified platform which enables you to carry out and fully complete service requests that come up online.

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For the 8th consecutive year, Gartner recognizes Pega as a leader in the market for global customer service and support applications.


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CSRs can listen to social conversations, analyze customer sentiment, and give an appropriate response.

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