Always-On Marketing

Marketing has always been about segments and campaigns, but a one-to-many approach will leave your customers feeling nameless, faceless, and voiceless – eroding your relevance, and damaging those relationships. Every interaction is now a tipping point: you either pull that person closer, or you will push them away. Relevance may be the new currency in marketing – but achieving that isn’t easy, or simple. Commanding their attention means reading and reacting in real-time, over dozens of channels, millions of customers, and billions of interactions. That scope and scale can’t be handled by mere human beings – AI has become a fundamental requirement.

Join Pega experts Matt Nolan, Product Director, Marketing and Advertising Technology and Vince Jeffs, Director of Strategy and Product Marketing at Pegasystems as they:

  • Identify the categories of AI that are providing value to marketers, right now.
  • Showcase the required capabilities to leverage AI across marketing channels.
  • Show how AI can be used to select Next Best Actions that resonate with customers.
  • Highlight case studies of brands producing tremendous outcomes using AI.


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