Is Your CRM Holding You Back?

"Today's CRM is nothing more than a glorified rolodex that captures, stores, processes and reports on information. In today's connected world, it's solving the wrong problem. It needs reinvention"

– Jeff Nicholson, Vice President of Product Marketing, Pegasystems

Many organizations today are struggling to deliver a unified customer journey across the plethora of channels that are available. The reason why they’re having this trouble is because their CRM system is trying to solve the wrong problem. It’s time for a completely different approach.

Listen to Jeff Nicholson and Don Schuerman from Pegasystems as they:

  • Explain the transformation that’s happening in the CRM space
  • Discuss how new technology can help you deliver on the promise of CRM
  • Deliver a demo of Pega’s CRM technology in action

Learn more about how Pega's software helps you realize your vision for seamless and engaging customer experiences. Download the Making Companies More Human eBook.


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