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For more than two years now, the focus of healthcare conversation has been on how the provider community will ensure “meaningful use” of electronic medical records. Meanwhile, proof points exist for ways that the same data is being made meaningful to the other key players in the cost-utilization-quality conundrum that defines U.S. healthcare.

Supported by behavioral change theory, health and wellness programs are successfully deploying BPM technology that brings actionable data to member participants, ensuring that they are maximally engaged and making smart decisions to improve their own health and ultimately wring costs out of the system overall.

The BPM technology deployed today by numerous healthcare frontrunners to maximize participant engagement and health improvement activity is ideally suited for connecting people, data and systems across disparate organizations, orchestrating processes to achieve mutual goals. These health and wellness leaders are a shining beacon for the entire healthcare community, which is moving closer together to work on improving health outcomes and reducing costs for us collectively, by providing care, treatment and support at the individual level.


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