Streamline operations with Pega Field Service

An end-to-end solution for managing the entire field service lifecycle. Companies with a field workforce serve customers better and more cost effectively through a single application that combines a customer service dashboard with a fully functional mobile app.


Let's face it, sometimes things break, and customers need service that can't be delivered over the phone or online. They need a person to come to them, diagnose the problem, and fix it. Done right, field service can be a source of revenue and increased customer satisfaction. But, too often, field service is viewed as a cost of doing business, and poor field service only serves to anger and upset loyal customers. Built on the Pega 7 platform, Pega Field Service is a comprehensive field service management solution that includes an integrated mobile app for field technicians. When a call comes in to the service center, the customer service rep sees everything they need in one consolidated dashboard. Pega presents the appropriate workflow, prompting the service rep to gather information from the customer on the phone or online to describe the nature and severity of the problem.

Pega can even provide troubleshooting questions to try to resolve the problem immediately without a service appointment. Only after the troubleshooting routine is unsuccessful is it time to schedule a service call. The rep sees a list of qualified technicians and their availability, and can schedule the appointment at the customer's convenience. In the field, the technician receives an alert regarding the new service appointment, including the customer's name, a map to their location, the problem description, and the troubleshooting results. The mobile app can track the travel time and technician location in real time, and when he arrives onsite, the mobile app walks him through the correct workflow to identify, confirm, and resolve the problem. The technician records the work he performed right in the app, including any parts that were required for repair or replacement. He can also record his time and expenses directly on his mobile device. The field service technician and the customer then sign off on a summary of the entire completed service call, including parts and other expenses. As a final step, the customer provides feedback on their overall satisfaction.

Back at the service center, a manager can review the results of the service appointment, and take any actions required to make sure his customers are completely satisfied. Because it's built on the Pega 7 platform, the entire application, both desktop and mobile app, is easily adapted and customized for any business in any industry. To find out more details and see some real world examples of companies using Pega Field Service to streamline operations, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction, visit Our world is constantly changing, only Pega lets you build for change.


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