Shep Hyken on the Paradox of Technology

“I love American Express. Jim Bush, their senior VP of world service said, ‘Time is not as important as making sure that the customer is happy’.”

    – Shep Hyken, Customer Amazement Officer, Shepard Presentations

Hear insights from customer experience expert Shep Hyken on how new technology can make organizations more human and how customer service technology, in particular, can drive better customer experiences.

Today we are proposing that there is a “Paradox of Technology,” in which new technology can make organizations more human in an age of digital transformation. Over the last several decades, as companies and other organizations have gotten bigger, they have had to invest in technology to manage the complexity involved in connecting with customers. That same technology that was meant to make it simple for organizations to connect with people, has actually created more distance between organizations and customers. Why? Layer upon layer of systems that don’t talk to one another. But there is another option. The paradox of technology is the notion that the right technology can actually bring people and organizations together. In fact, technology can help to make companies even more human.

Join Shep Hyken, customer experience expert, professional speaker, and bestselling author and Jeff Foley, product marketing leader for Pega Customer Service as they sit down to discuss:

  • How organizations are using data and technology to decrease the distance between them and their customers
  • How organizations can support the multitude of new channels without diluting the customer experience
  • How self-service can play a role in making a company more human


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