Retain Your Most Valuable Customers

Pega Retention for Communications provides CSPs with pre-defined retention programs built using the power of Pega Marketing. By facilitating targeted, one-to-one interactions in any channel, CSPs can save their most valuable customers while minimizing retention costs and maintaining ARPU.


Pega Marketing for Communications provides the world’s leading retention solution and is proven to enable Communication Service Providers to reduce churn, reduce one time retention costs and control revenue dilution.

With Pega, customer retention is optimized at an individual level, combining every customer’s unique situation and each organization’s business objectives. Following a guided retention process that collects additional context, and delivers personalized positioning statements, it uses big data and sophisticated analytics to determine a retention budget for each customer based on business value and churn risk.

Predictive analytics recommend the most appropriate products, making it easy for agents to make the right offers to every customer. Dynamic bundle negotiation allows agents to build personalized bundles that meet the customer’s unique needs, giving them the right deal while ensuring profitability.

Pre-built proactive retention campaigns enable CSPs to manage retention throughout the customer lifecycle. And Pega’s omni-channel capabilities ensure you talk to your customers in the channels they choose, seamlessly transferring between them.

Whether originated by marketers or automatically initiated as a result of network events, web browsing or social media, retention conversations combine real time customer context, analytics and business objectives to optimize the offer made to each customer.

You can track performance, run simulations and deploy changes without coding. Self-learning analytics automatically improve decisions, responding to changing market conditions in real time.

Built on the Pega 7 platform, Pega Marketing for Communications runs on on-premise.or on the cloud. It works seamlessly with Pega’s Order Management and Customer Service applications, easily integrating with existing systems.

Make your marketing programs more contextual, more personal, and more profitable with Pega Marketing for Communications.

Your world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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