Real-Time Six Sigma with PRPC

Six Sigma has become the leading methodology by which companies manage and improve their business processes. It was born out of work performed by the Motorola Government Electronics Group in the 1980’s to apply statistical methods and models to analyze process defects and subsequently improve and control the processes. Six Sigma is a rigorous approach to identifying key process characteristics that matter most to the customer, discovering the process input(s) that most influence(s) those characteristics, and implementing process improvements to deliver the best-performing process in the eyes of the customer.

Six Sigma is a framework that prescribes tasks, tools, and analytic methods to be used in different phases of the overall process improvement lifecycle. One of the fundamental approaches and philosophies in Six Sigma is continuous improvement, until one achieves the desired quality goals. This continuous improvement philosophy also characterizes PegaRULES Process Commander. Moreover, PegaRULES Process Commander is uniquely qualified to support this continuous improvement because of its ability to support change. PegaRULES Process Commander allows users to quickly change and extend their processes and business rules, because “building for change” is essential to continuous improvement.

This paper will show how users can apply PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) to successfully plan and execute Six Sigma projects. With PRPC, Six Sigma practitioners can manage their controls dynamically and in real time, introducing change and handling exceptions while processes are “in flight.” Processes can be dynamically and continuously improved, in contrast to lagging indicator approaches, in which data is gathered and analyzed and then improved.


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