PW 2013 Video: Journey to iBPMS Business Transformation at Cisco: Creating a Proactive Service Supply Chain

Managing the “Rapid Velocity of Change” within Cisco’s Service Supply Chain requires an agile and flexible business operations platform – one that enables swift adaptation to changes in business strategy due to new and evolving customer and business needs. Cisco’s Service Supply Chain supports Return Material Authorization (RMA) Management and encompasses the planning and management of all replacement part delivery. Activities include Service Order Management, Part Return Management, sourcing and procurement, refurbishment, and logistics - including coordination and collaboration with Third Party Vendors (parts and labor) and customers. Getting the “right” part to the “right” place at the “right” time.

  • How Pega iBPMs is being used to power Cisco’s Proactive Service Supply Chain
  • How this approach compliments traditional Large Scale Service Capabilities (SCM/ERP)
  • “Business innovation on demand” enables timely creation of high value capabilities by the business for the business


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