PegaWorld 2017: Building a Customer Centric Ecosystem (Video)

Transavia, a low-cost European airline, strongly believes it can play David and take down industry Goliaths by winning its customers’ hearts through its employees. Customer recognition is a challenge in the airline industry. An airline that recognizes customers and meets their needs throughout their lifetime journeys, long before and after their time on board, has a distinct competitive advantage. The first fundamental step to succeed in that mission is recognizing that the customer experience and employee experience are two sides of the same coin. Transavia is breaking organizational silos so that employees at all customer touch points are sufficiently equipped to make smart decisions, based on relevant and real-time data. Armed with smart data, employees know what Transavia’s customers want and can offer relevant services and sales throughout the entire customer journey. In his keynote at PegaWorld, Transavia’s CEO Mattijs ten Brink, shares how Pega helps in building a single source of truth in the heart of the airline, bringing the customer and employee journeys together in one flight journey


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