PegaWORLD 2015: TCS - Next-Generation Underwriting Systems Provide Digital Transformations That Revolutionize Data (Presentation)

Enormous amounts of data are available for insurance underwriters. The most critical business challenge insurers face is sorting and analyzing this data effectively to make meaningful decisions. Underwriting transformation requires a complete transformation of the way data is handled. Disparate and non-integrated systems underwriters’ formerly used to do their job are being replaced by one cohesive platform. A single-platform underwriting system allows for dynamic case management, intelligent workflow and informed decision-making about risk exposure, aggregation and tolerance for geographies, LOBs, products and insured portfolios.

Next generation underwriting requires an automated workflow, integration of third-party data and the incorporation of social media. Join us to learn more about how underwriting systems which don’t keep pace with the changing digital landscape will be at a serious disadvantage in determining risk and competing in today’s market.


  • Vinod Kachroo, CTO, Insurance and Healthcare, TCS


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