PegaWORLD 2015: Innovating in a Highly Regulated Industry (Video)

In heavily regulated industries, the risk of running afoul of ever-changing regulations can have a stifling effect on innovation. Leaders and challengers alike are finding ways to rise above the regulatory quagmire and pursue innovative growth initiatives. This requires the creation of a technology infrastructure that enables innovative new ideas to take root and thrive while always maintaining regulatory compliance. In this session, panelists from several different regulated industries will discuss how their organizations are using Pega to both manage regulatory compliance and enable true innovation so they continue to stay ahead of the curve.


  • Anne Warner, Chief Compliance Officer, Pegasystems
  • Simone Boch, Head of Organization Transformation, Allianz
  • Jamie Reynoso, COO, Prominence Health
  • Eric Budgin, Vice President - Business Initiatives Manager, Enterprise Global Services – Strategy, Wells Fargo
  • Theresa Zataveski, VP of Virtual Health Business Technology, Telerx


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