PegaWORLD 2012 Video: PEGA MOBILE 101

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Mobility has become a way of life for your customers, partners and employees. That's why Pega has focused on delivering a world-class experience to users accessing PRPC applications via a mobile device. We've designed a solution that makes it easy to extend your PRPC applications to mobile users. And because mobile users interact directly with the underlying application, they can manage and track work, collaborate with experts, and access all of the functionality your internal system users enjoy. Come to this session to learn about Pega's mobile solution strategy, the enhancements we've introduced into the latest version, and how you can begin leveraging these capabilities in your PRPC applications today!

In this session you will learn:

  • The cornerstones of Pega's mobile strategy and solution
  • How to use Pega Mobile to improve user experience and remote workforce productivity
  • How every aspect of the mobile interface can be customized to deliver optimal user experience


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