PegaWORLD 2012 Presentation: Legacy and ERP Modernization with Pega BPM

Modernization of legacy implementations and ERP deployments continues to be a daunting challenge in most organizations. Despite the abundance of new solutions, the majority of IT budgets are consumed with maintaining legacy code and dealing with the rigidity of hard to change ERP solutions. Furthermore, the business logic is “hidden” in code – with little or no visibility or transparency to the business. Pega BPM is the ideal platform that can wrap, renew and modernize legacy solutions. The session will cover an SAP modernization case study.

In this session you will learn:

  • What the common problems are for legacy and ERP solutions
  • How Pega BPM wraps and renews ERP and/or legacy systems
  • The roadmap for ERP and legacy modernization and where to start


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