Pega Warranty

Pega Warranty is the strategic application of choice for today's manufacturers and service providers who want a product that is easily tailored to the exact needs of your operational demands and your customer service strategy.

Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or a warranty service provider, warranty is about more than just handling the claim. Pega efficiently orchestrates across existing systems, internal silos, and partners to ensure a positive customer experience. Pega offers a unified approach to increase product quality, eliminate fraud, and drive down claims and operational costs, and recovering costs from suppliers.


Pega Warranty is the strategic application of choice for today's manufacturers and service providers.

When customer service is at the heart of your strategy and you want to tailor your operations to meet every demand, you have only one choice— Pega. Products go out into the real world, and things happen. When your customer, or the product itself, reports a problem, Pega Warranty pulls together all the product, customer, coverage, and dealer information.

Pega diagnostics helps determine the root cause and the right first fix, and whether or not the part is covered under warranty. A technician confirms the problem. Pega guides the user through entering the repair details and completing the repair order.

Pega automatically creates the warranty claim and sends it to the manufacturer, and manages any required part returns. If a supplier's components are at fault, Pega Warranty manages this complex process, too, including any claim disputes.

There's a lot to track, but Pega keeps tabs on all the information, and rolls it all up in one place for the user. Whether you're the customer service rep, the dealer, distributor, claims assessor, or supplier, Pega orchestrates all the roles required to service the product. From product warranty and warranty registration to diagnostics and advanced analytics, Pega handles the entire process to final resolution. With Pega Warranty, you can reduce costs, and increase product performance and customer satisfaction.

Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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