Pega for UK Government

Transforming Government with Pega

Pega’s Better Business Software® uniquely enables government departments to achieve the objectives of the digital government strategy. With Pega, departments can achieve customer experience excellence externally and operational excellence internally.

  • Pega offers the Power to Engage allowing government departments to do more with less by optimising resources by at least 30 percent. Government departments can provide outstanding customer service with the ability to predict, adapt and respond to change and enabling citizens to engage with public services whenever and wherever they want.
  • Pega offers the Power to Simplify enabling government departments to improve service by gaining at least 40 percent efficiency through streamlining and reusing specialised business processes. Departments can get work done across silos, and make that work visible to all participants so that tasks are aligned with outcomes and customer expectations.
  • Pega offers the Power to Change empowering government departments to implement mission-critical systems five times faster than traditional software development. Departments can create a shared vision between business and IT, close execution gaps and have the ability to sense and respond in real time.


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