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Pega Transforming Retail Insurers

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By maximising the value of every customer contact - regardless of channel

Know what a customer wants, then act on it
A perennial issue for the modern insurer is the diversity of channels, products, regulatory constraints and customer desires making it harder and harder to delight the customer – while maximising their revenue potential to the company.

Financial services institutions struggle to have high value conversations with their clients which provide a tailored experience, regardless of channel, and result in the customer feeling that the insurer really understands them and can deliver to their exact needs.

This inability to meet customer needs can reduce customer satisfaction and crucially hide opportunities to drive increases in customer wallet share.

Pega helps insurers create strategies which match the needs of the customer with the products they have available at each point in the customer’s financial journey with the insurer. Pega then creates automated responses to these interactions based on strategies which delight every customer, regardless of channel. All of this is achieved through capitalising on the insurer’s existing technology investments.

Pega maps out every possible customer outcome and ensures that any point of interaction – through the call centre, intermediary, affinity partner or the internet – is an opportunity to delight the customer and drive value. We make sure that every interaction is geared to achieve the best outcome for all parties.


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