Pega Sales Automation Product Overview

Typical sales force automation applications do little more than capture data and are largely disconnected from enterprise systems and the actual sales process. Managers and representatives end up using different systems or manually created spreadsheets, reports, and forecasts. Sales methodologies are inconsistently applied, and the selling process cannot be adjusted to accommodate variations such as business units, geography, the customer, sales team, or the representative.

Pega Sales Automation optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire sales organization at every stage in the sales lifecycle. Pega Sales Automation offers Artificial Intelligence based guidance, process automation from lead to fulfillment, and gives business users the flexibility to adapt your sales process. With Pega, insights find your reps and managers; you can quickly standardize and automate the sales process, and provide management with insights across multiple business units, products, team members, geographies, accounts, and channels.

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