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Pega Mobility

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Pega Mobility

Mobility has become a way of life and enterprises are increasingly using mobile solutions to communicate anytime and anywhere in a cost-effective way. Pega, the world’s leading provider of BPM and CRM solutions, empowers mobile users by allowing them to stay connected to critical business processes wherever they go. Pega offers a mobile solution for every business problem.

Embed a Seamless User Experience

For organizations who already have a consumer-facing mobile app, the biggest challenge frequently involves adding new capabilities to increase customer self-service. Adding a new account, upgrading to a new service, disputing a charge and countless other business processes can be transformed into self-service opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing operational costs. Pega Mobility provides simple tools for embedding a Pega process into pre-existing mobile apps, regardless of how they were developed or deployed. Even better, that process retains all the advantages of Pega’s model-driven development and Build for Change platform.

  • Seamless user experience
  • Design & build once for Pega processes
  • Built for change
  • Bridge to native apps

Build New Mobile Apps

Pega business processes run on mobile devices as effectively as on the desktop due to the responsive design principles employed natively in all Pega 7 applications. But Pega Mobility provides the option to take that functionality a step further by packaging those applications as hybrid apps running on Android or iOS devices. The Pega Hybrid Dynamic Client provides security and management for enterprise apps while delivering offline access and native device capabilities for users.

  • Package and distribute for iOS & Android
  • Design and build once
  • Can be configured without code
  • Does not require connectivity
  • Access to device capabilities like camera and geolocation
  • Delivered natively in PRPC with common toolset and administration


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