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Pega Consulting Upgrade Services

Pega Consulting’s upgrade services begin with a FastStart workshop at your site to rapidly determine the upgrade objectives, parameters, and sizing. The workshop also maps out a high-level approach and shares key details that influence the upgrade complexity. A small team of Pega upgrade experts select a candidate workflow with the client business architect, then upgrade the process, and assess and fix any areas of the application layer, making it compliant with the latest version of the Pega Platform™. These first steps provide an upgrade assessment and thought leadership, to reduce risks by identifying potential compatibility issues and challenges ahead of the complete upgrade. Once the upgrade assessment is finished, we quickly proceed with the complete upgrade. Pega uses the application-specific assessment findings and deployment package, coupled with our extensive upgrade experience, to accelerate and streamline the process. This compliance level upgrade converts the application to run on Standards Mode HTML5 Responsive UI and provides the foundation for more extensive Pega Platform capabilities. Contributing expertise, rapid execution, and predictability to the upgrade

  • Experts bring unique knowledge and experience from many platform, framework, and application upgrades
  • Proven upgrade tools and utilities more accurately estimate the work effort and automate routine steps in the process
  • Close alignment with engineering, product management, and support ensures issues are researched and resolved quickly
  • Defines the technical upgrade strategy and approach
  • Provides accurate work effort estimates, based on sizing models refined over hundreds of prior upgrades
  • Identifies deprecated functionality and other aspects requiring modernization
  • Exposes potential issues up front and provides a visual representation of the upgraded application


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