Pega 7: Achieve the Highest Levels of Availability, Scalability and Performance

According to Information Week, businesses lost $26.5B in revenues a year due to IT downtime, with an average of 200 minutes to recover from an application outage. This operational down time is caused not only by system failure, but by the time required to perform planned system maintenance.

Pega 7's new Zero-Disruption Architecture squarely solves this problem for Pega applications, and is just one of the many innovations in Pega 7 directed at delivering the highest levels of enterprise quality of service.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Pega 7 eliminates planned downtime and immediately recover from unplanned events - both on-premises as well as in Pega Cloud™.
  • How Pega 7 simplifies your application's security deployment review and subsequent management.
  • How you can achieve higher performance at lower cost through Pega 7's new multi-tenancy capabilities, improve performance and scalability of batch operations, and reduce the cost of operations through the use of the PostgreSQL database.



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