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The most exciting outcome of the digital transformation era is that companies are finally becoming more human in the way they interact with their customers. Today’s premier brands demonstrate understanding and empathy by balancing the needs of the organization with customer expectations. They apply insight by combining awareness with institutional memory, and use the outcome to inform judgment and guide behavior. They act responsibly by keeping their promises, by keeping it simple, and by making things right when they go wrong. And they learn and adapt by evolving business strategies, improving business processes, and evaluating new ideas.

Today we are proposing that there is a “Paradox of Technology,” in which new technology can make organizations more human in an age of digital transformation. Over the last several decades, as companies and other organizations have gotten bigger, they have had to invest in technology to manage the complexity involved in connecting with customers. That same technology that was meant to make it simple for organizations to connect with people, has actually created more distance between organizations and customers. Why? Layer upon layer of systems that don’t talk to one another. But there is another option. The paradox of technology is the notion that the right technology can actually bring people and organizations together. In fact, technology can help to make companies even more human.

Consumers have never had more control, more access to information, or such high expectations. Successful organizations will not only honor and adapt to this empowered consumer, they will explore how technology can set the bar even higher and help them meet increasingly lofty expectations. Breakthrough brands are looking beyond traditional technologies and the fragmented processes and disjointed client experiences that result in a loss of loyalty. It’s time to look ahead.

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