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Life Insurer Uses Pegasystems for Call Center Transformation

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Methodologies are an important element of the business process management (BPM) landscape. In some BPM implementations, the product alone imposes a level of structure on business processes and a level of visibility that may never have existed within the organization. In this Buyer Case Study, however, business and software development methodologies were implemented nearly simultaneously in connection with a corporate IT transformation. Key elements to the transformation included:

  • The life insurance company in this Buyer Case Study needed to upgrade its call center information systems, built internally and dependent on a variety of legacy systems to service customers and agents. The company built a highly structured, deliberate, and collaborative approach to its call center modernization using coaches, significant training, and good involvement from the vendor.
  • A key requirement of the solution was that it had to work well with the insurance industry's ACORD messaging standards. Competing with two packaged applications, Pegasystems was the only vendor with ACORD experience and capabilities out of all those that the insurance company examined.
  • Pegasystems' SmartBPM enabled the insurance company to employ very structured business and IT methodologies to achieve significant results. For development, the insurance company adopted the agile Scrum methodology and Pegasystems consultants partnered with the insurance company to achieve the necessary training.
  • The insurance company's modernization methodologies were challenging for its employees, but as the team became more comfortable with the methodology, their initial successes caused the insurance company's line of business to require an accelerated delivery timeline.
  • By fourth quarter 2010, training for call center reps went from a nine-week program to two half-day sessions, representing a significant cost reduction in training as well as a faster time to competency. A loan process that formerly took 3 minutes is now completed in 15 seconds.


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