JP Morgan Chase: Agile delivery in eight weeks

Hear how JP Morgan Chase delivered a solution to address credit card disputes in eight weeks.

Learn how strategic agility adopters like JP Morgan Chase are turning on a dime to satisfy customers. Read the study. Watch the full PegaWorld 2018 keynote to hear more insights about how digital tools are improving the customer experience.


If you look at the competitors, they are chasing us. They are chasing Chase. These are all the traditional incumbents, but also the Fin techs, and the tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google.

And these letter, the letter companies they teach our customers what it is to have an experience that is without any fuss, and totally without friction, and that's what you expect from Chase as well.

And although we have made great strides, we know that the feature of today, that we launch today can already be history tomorrow, and being overhauled by one of those competitors.

So what do you need to do as a bank? You need to increase your clock speed. Now that's what we all say, and it sounds so easy. And it would be easy if this would be your own single objective.

And if you look at the full IT delivery chain, it starts with this 30 to 40 weeks of “I have an idea; I need a business case; I need to have proper prioritization; I need to get funding; I need to go through the whole governance cycle” and before you have hands on the keyboard it's 40 weeks later.

That's something that we don't like. And that's something that we are now attacking and we so that with the so called Concept of an Ideal Garage.

One of the first garages that we started last year is on the “Protect Your Money” journey. And Protect Your Money is also including disputes. And disputes is what you do here in the U.S. when you have a charge on your credit card you don't agree. You start a dispute.

A highly manual and call-center driven process in the past. We started this garage, and it's fueled by Pega. So the underlying workflow is by Pega, you could say Pega is charging the first garage for J.P. Morgan Chase.

And on top of that we have our own digital platform for all the interaction with the customers. Hands on keyboard after four sprints instead of after 40 weeks. That's eight weeks instead of 40 weeks.

We have 80% more velocity compared to two years ago when we started this journey.


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