Case Study

HSBC: Global Payments Investigation Platform Across 87 Countries

HSBC is one of the largest financial institutions offering self-service for global payments inquiry resolution. GPI now serves over 1,600 users in 83 of the 87 countries where HSBC does business, and additional country deployments are scheduled through 2015.

The solution delivers a stable and positive customer experience, giving clients added confidence that any payment inquiry will be resolved quickly, efficiently and with a single point of contact. Service resolution rates have improved, and the number of cases remaining open has fallen by 25 percent. The average length of time a case is open has also been reduced by 12 percent.

HSBC has reduced costs and improved operational efficiency across the company. Economies of scale have driven down IT processing costs significantly. Currently, a payment investigation costs about $.60 to support (from over $3.00). This cost is expected to fall to less than $.20 by 2015. Global metrics are also compiled and analyzed to further improve operations and implement best practices across the globe.


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