Future-Proof your Digital Transformation

Pegasystems Founder and CEO Alan Trefler shares how organizations can cut through the hype and achieve true digital transformation.

Watch the full video of the PegaWorld 2018 keynote session to learn more about organizations that are pleasing their customers and creating a truly future-proof business.


One of the big issues in our industry is that it needs to get real. It needs to understand there's a difference between hype and made up concepts, or maybe finding ways to use those concepts well or just making stuff up. But this isn't the first era where we've had fake news. Every year we see dozens of new things that have a half life of about two years until they themselves become obsolete and they themselves become the next legacy. Digital transformation done right, it's not about getting to a place, it's not about checking a bunch of boxes, it's about developing fundamental capabilities that will let you compete, that will let you satisfy clients, that will build these elements into the very DNA of your organization.

For us, it's about developing the capacity to build for change. And that's what Pega does to bring the organization together so that you can really create a living, active outcome-oriented approach to how you engage with your customers. But having a great brand, having wonderful data scientists, being able to figure out what's right only really makes sense if you can then execute. If you can come up with coherent ways to automate, coherent ways to keep all the action aligned with the brain, end-to-end, to do what you need to do.

And that's what Pega's vision is. To create in a single unified environment, in a single architecture, these capabilities that you can use as much of or as little of as possible. As technologies change, we can just change what we generate, change what the system outputs. And what that means is that by modeling this way as new technologies come in, as that digital chaos happens, as new concepts appear, we can incorporate those in the architecture and you can take advantage of things that you didn't even know about at the inception of your project.

Being able to use AI to optimize how clients are engaged. Be able to use AI to optimize the service processes and the workflows of your staff, and to optimize the system itself. That's uniquely the idea of software that both writes software and perfects it. Because this future-proof approach, we think, is game changing. And the great news is after all these years of working this we've gotten to an incredible level of completeness and we welcome you being able to see how far that can take you.


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