Empowering organizations in a no-code world

There’s a reason why traditional software development is failing businesses. Code. You don’t code software in Pega. You design it. Watch as a non-technical user builds a new case type from scratch, tests it on a myriad of device types, modifies the UI with ease, immediately executes it in the customer service channel, adds third-party Pega Exchange components, tests in mobile mashup, and finally executes it via a chat bot in Facebook.


There's a reason why traditional software development is failing your business. Code. You don't code software in Pega, you design it. Pega then writes and optimizes the code for you. Let's see how Pega empowers organizations to create exceptional customer experiences in a no-code world.

Our customer, Sarah, is on her favorite channel, Mobile, and receives an offer for a new credit card from Uplus Bank. She's interested and begins the application process powered by Pega, mashed up into Uplus' existing mobile application. Let's see how Uplus Bank was able to achieve this using Pega. We see all of the case types that currently exist in the Pega customer service application. Let's create a new one, that credit card application process we saw a moment ago. First, we define some data that needs to be captured and then the lifecycle for this case, which includes some high-level stages and also some steps in each one of those stages. Fast forwarding a little, we see the completed case definition for applying for the new credit card, which includes some human steps and some automated steps, as well. We now configure the process for determining approval using a visual no-code approach, capturing logic to make this process more intelligent and efficient, in this case automatically approving or rejecting based on one's credit score.

Directly from the design environment we run this case without having written any code. First, we seen what our case looks like on a large screen like a laptop but with a click view exactly what it will look like on a mobile phone. Another click and we see a tablet view. The interface responds to the device providing an exceptional experience. But, if we want to customize the view right here in runtime we can easily do so.

Back to the case designer, we're able to drop in third-party components from the Pega exchange, like this one from DocuSign. We add a step to our case definition, which embeds a document for the applicant to digitally sign. As we move onto the next step we see that document, and because all Pega apps are based on a unified architecture we're able to immediately execute this process in the customer service channel, as well. Here a customer service rep is using Pega customer service when a call comes in from our earlier customer, Sarah. The travel card case is immediately available in this channel, updating the user interface at runtime is possible here, as well.

We can quickly preview our new case using Pega's mobile mashup capabilities. Scanning the provided code pushes the app directly to the device for testing without ever having to write a single line of mobile code. Uplus Bank can now mash this up into their existing mobile app, as we saw at the start of our customer's journey. We've seen how we can create a new case type and easily execute it in the contact center and on mobile.

Finally, let's expose this case type to one more channel, Facebook. By training the bot how to respond to customer input instantly this case is now also available via Chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Breaking the shackles of code delivers immediate results. You build and change applications faster. You expand into new channels like mobile, and launch new products at will. Once you get code out of the way, the possibilities are limitless.


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