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Digital Evolution: Oi Case Study

"Digital transformation demands rethinking business processes, models and the company’s culture, and that takes time and a lot of effort."

    – Abel Camargo Digital director, Oi

For many organisations, the impetus for digital transformation comes from customer demand. As The Economist Intelligence Unit identified in its “Digital Evolution” research project, sponsored by Accenture and Pegasystems, 50% of companies involved in digital transformation initiatives cite “evolving customer needs” as a key driver.

Global telecommunications giant Oi is a case in point. Five years ago Oi—the largest telecoms company in Brazil, South Africa and Portugal—began a journey to transform the way in which it interacts with customers through digital means. “For us, digital transformation means being able to provide a seamless experience, no matter the device; experiences that are easy to use, fast and fun,” says Abel Camargo, the company’s digital director.

However, as Mr Camargo explains, this transformation has challenged the organisation to rethink not just its customer-facing technologies but also its organisational structure and business-process design. “It also means excelling in both digital and leadership capabilities, rethinking and improving business processes, customer engagements and business models,” he notes.

And while it is by no means easy, the organisational transformation required to achieve the digital experience that customers expect offers ample rewards, Mr Camargo believes. “Ultimately, this leads to increased productivity, which translates into cost reductions for the business, increased customer satisfaction and retention, and generates higher revenues.”

Download the full case study to learn more about Oi's digital evolution journey.


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