Accenture Technology Vision for Pega

The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 report reveals that pioneering enterprises are doing far more than just flexing their digital muscles. In aggregate, they're creating a hyper-connected world where companies, consumers and everyday objects have instant capabilities to act and interact with each other digitally across the globe.

Together, Accenture and Pega see leading enterprises quickly mastering the shift from "me" to "we," tapping into a broad array of digital businesses, digital customers, and digital things at the edge of their networks. Front-runners are using this broader digital ecosystem to place bets on a grand scale—looking to shape entire markets and change the way we work and live.

In keeping with last year's approach, we've built the story in this report around the five key themes in Accenture's latest Technology Vision—trends that are set to transform businesses over the next three to five years.

In this Pega overlay of these trends, we'll show how Accenture and Pega are applying their unique strengths to enable organizations to work effectively across company and industry boundaries in the "We Economy."

Find out more about Accenture's Technology Vision 2015.


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