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3 (Simple) Steps to Not Getting Fired Over Siebel

Historically, transitioning from Siebel comes with complex data migrations and EIM tables. Siebel tends to be highly customized and usually requires a costly “forklift” approach to make the move to any modern CRM system. Unfortunately, if the system you choose to implement fails to live up to its lofty promises of time-to-availability, cost, value or reliability, you may find yourself on the hot seat.

At the same time, choosing to stay with Siebel also comes with equally unappealing risks of continuing to use outdated technology, lack the flexibility to choose if and when to move to the cloud and the inability to adapt to your ever changing market and evolving business processes needs. You may find yourself left standing still in a changing market, putting your entire business and job at risk.

To help you start the transition process on your terms, here are 3 (simple) steps to keep your business on track.


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