Überlegener Service. Langfristige Kundenbindung.

Vergessen Sie die alten Regeln zur Kundenbindung. Lochkarten und Punkte-Systeme sind Schnee von gestern. Personalisierung, Durchgängigkeit und Einfühlungsvermögen sind gefragt. Angesichts der rasant steigenden Zahl von Kanälen und Konkurrenten ist das mehr als nur ein Trend. Es ist ein Must-Have.

„Wir haben in den Anfangsphasen 40 % weniger Beschwerden und auch 15 % weniger Anrufe zu verzeichnen. Wir haben gerade unsere niedrigste Kundenabwanderung überhaupt zu verzeichnen. Das ist ein Beleg dafür, dass wir den Kundenservice so verbessern."

Make it personal

Today’s customer doesn’t want to be treated like everyone else. He or she wants agents who show real empathy, and an experience that feels customized and unique.

Why does this matter? Because with so many competing offers out there now, people will lose trust in your brand – fast – if you stick with yesterday’s generic, one-size-fits-all service.

Empowering your agents to deliver personalized, contextual service is the first step to building trust and affection. And it’s one of the best ways to make your customer base feel connected to your business.

With Pega CRM, your agents have the relevant customer data and sentiment analysis they need for that perfect 1:1 level of service. And because Pega works across all your digital channels – even cool new chatbots and virtual assistants – your customer experience is personalized and consistent wherever they choose to interact.


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Personalisierte, entscheidungsrelevante Echtzeit-Erkenntnisse

Erfahren Sie, wie man mit den Kunden von heute interagiert, die sich ihren eigenen Weg suchen.

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Nutzen Sie das Potenzial von vorausschauenden Analysen

Finden Sie heraus, wie Sie Ihre Kunden dank KI besser kennenlernen können.

Don’t wait. Anticipate.

You probably don’t like being up on hold. Neither do your customers. Make them wait too long – or have them frantically screaming “Operator!” into your interactive voice response (IVR) – and they’ll soon go looking for another option.

Self-service is great. It can get your customers fast answers and deflect calls from going to the contact center. But how about defusing frustration before that moment of need? Instead of placing them on-hold, how about surfacing the solution to their problem proactively – even in the IVR!

Using Pega’s AI-infused insights, you can anticipate each customer’s needs, respond in real time, and engage in a timely, proactive way. There’s no need for anyone to stay on hold for yet another five-minute flute solo while you figure out how to help.

Flawless interactions, every time

It sounds so simple. Provide customers with the same great service and experiences time after time. We know consistency builds loyalty in a big way, so why is it so tough to deliver it in a contact center?

Because running a contact center is hard! For contact centers that lack true insight into daily agent workforce productivity trends and capability gaps, consistency is even harder to achieve.

To tackle the issue head on, leverage real-time insight from Pega Workforce Intelligence and Pega Robotic Desktop Automation. With these tools, your agents can manage complexity and deliver consistently positive customer experiences – leaving the mundane, time-consuming work to the bots.

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Schluss mit der Kluft zwischen Realität und Erwartung

Erfahren Sie, was nach Meinung von Gartner der Schlüssel für ein integriertes Kundenerlebnis ist.

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Customer Case Studies

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“Now we can see everything at any point in time, in real-time and our customer advocacy has improved by 180%.”
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logo american express
"Our satisfaction has more than tripled since the start of our journey, and our expense margins have come down."
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"We will turn all of our employees into front-office employees, working for one sole idea, which is improving the customer journey and creating those memorable experiences in whatever function they have."
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Exceed expectations every time

Engage and retain customers as you create the ultimate personalized experience.